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Cave Clues Point to Parched Mideast for 10K Years

Iranian stalagmites indicate rain isn't coming anytime soon

(Newser) - For anyone holding hope that the dry conditions in the Middle East are but a temporary drought, two cave stalagmites taken from Iran tell a long history of the region's precipitation and give a grim prognosis: not much rain for the next 10,000 years. Thanks to their chemical... More »

An End to California's 5-Year Drought? It's on Mother Nature

If storms keep raining precipitation down, Cali could be sitting pretty

(Newser) - Sorry, Lena Horne, but stormy weather may be just what California's been looking for. The Golden State has been getting bombarded with precipitation—rain, snow, hail, sleet—making even Los Angeles feel "more like London than Southern California," the Los Angeles Times notes. But for a parched... More »

California Facing Driest Year on Record

Lack of snow not a problem, water manager says

(Newser) - The snow that provides around a third of California's water has largely gone AWOL this year, and with rain also noticeably scant, experts believe the state may be about to experience its driest year since records began. The temperature pattern known as La Niña, combined with a strong... More »

Wacky Winter Seen As Sign of Climate Change

Less ice means more moisture in air and more precipitation, study says

(Newser) - The severe winter weather affecting the United States is just another symptom of climate change and global warming, says a new report. The National Wildlife Federation study surmises that the unusual volume of precipitation this year is the result of more atmospheric moisture because the Great Lakes are “less... More »

Houston Enjoys Earliest Snowfall

Up to half a foot could fall near the coast

(Newser) - Snow began falling on Houston this morning, making Dec. 4 the city record for earliest snowfall. Forecasts differ, but most expect 1 to 2 inches over a large area, with the possibility of up to 6 inches near the coast, the Chronicle reports. The phenomenon is not just unfamiliar but... More »

To Cut Snowplow Bill, Moscow Monkeys With Weather

If we make snow fall elsewhere, mayor reasons, there will be less snow

(Newser) - Moscow's neighbors are steaming over a cost-cutting proposal by the mayor to make less snow fall in the city—which would mean more precipitation in the surrounding region. Liquid nitrogen, cement particles, and other substances kill clouds in the summer, and Yury Luzhkov wants to control the weather year-round, reports... More »

Rains Hit California, but Drought Fears Remain

Weekend brings annual rainfall level closer to normal

(Newser) - California saw steady rain this weekend, but it’s still too early to know if the state’s water woes are over, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The recent rains brought the state’s total rainfall up to 90% of normal levels for the year; 2 weeks ago only 60%... More »

Snow Frosts New Orleans

(Newser) - For the first time since Christmas 2004, snow fell today in New Orleans, shuttering schools and causing accidents on the region’s roads, the Times-Picayune reports. The snowfall has mostly tapered off or turned to freezing rain, leaving some damage behind. About 7,000 homes lost power statewide, and numerous... More »

Could Rain Trigger Autism?

Surprise link between autism and rainfall

(Newser) - US counties with higher rates of rainfall also have higher rates of autism, according to a controversial new study published by the American Medical Association. Pollutants in the precipitation, longer periods spent watching television, lower levels of vitamin D, or some other environmental factor linked to rainfall may trigger autism... More »

9 Stories