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HRW: Saudis Dropped US Cluster Bombs on Yemen

As Yemen says at least 20 coalition troops have landed

(Newser) - Even as Yemen said today that at least 20 Saudi-led troops were on the ground in the city of Aden, allegedly performing reconnaissance, Saudi Arabia's recently concluded bombing campaign against Houthi rebels there was taking a hit in the form of a critical Human Rights Watch report. As CNN... More »

Report: Ukraine Used Widely Banned Weapon

'NYT,' Human Rights Watch see evidence of cluster munitions

(Newser) - Cluster munitions are banned across many countries, but the Ukrainian military appears to have used them in rebel-controlled territory, the New York Times reports. Donetsk, which is home to a million people during peacetime, likely saw attacks on Oct. 2 and 5, leaving six wounded and one Red Cross worker... More »

Syrian Cluster Bombs Target Civilians

Explosives can cover hundreds of yards

(Newser) - As war rages on in Syria, Bashar al-Assad's government hasn't hesitated to direct its attacks at civilians. Just last week, a military plane used cluster bombs—explosives capable of blanketing hundreds of yards—against the small town of Marea, the New York Times reports. Four were killed and... More »

Rights Group: Syria Dropping Cluster Bombs in Civilian Areas

Widely banned munitions pose long-term risk

(Newser) - Human Rights Watch today blasted Syria, saying it has new evidence that the Assad regime is dropping cluster bombs into populated areas, reports the AP . "Syria's disregard for its civilian population is all too evident in its air campaign, which now apparently includes dropping these deadly cluster bombs... More »

Georgian Cluster Bombs Killed Own Civilians

Human rights group says 3 killed by malfunctioning bombs

(Newser) - The cluster bombs Georgia used during its war with Russia malfunctioned on an “absolutely massive scale,” killing at least three civilians, and leaving the country littered with deadly unexploded bombs, according to new research from Human Rights Watch. The Georgian Ministry of Defense said the findings were “... More »

5 Stories