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Dad Devastated by School Lunch Shaming Takes Action

Jeffrey Lew wants to pay off lunch debt for every student in Washington state

(Newser) - Jeffrey Lew never wants a child to be shamed on the school cafeteria line again. That's why the Seattle dad of three has been hard at work fundraising, with one goal in mind: to pay down the school lunch debt of every student in the state of Washington. Today.... More »

One US State Just Outlawed 'Lunch Shaming' in Schools

'We have to separate the child from a debt they have no power to pay'

(Newser) - Last month at a school in Arizona, a cafeteria worker stamped a second-grader's arm with the phrase "lunch money" after it was discovered he didn't have enough money in his meal account. "He was humiliated," his mother tells BuzzFeed . Elsewhere in the country, children who... More »

A School Lunch Director Beat Jamie Oliver at His Own Game

Reality TV villain Rhonda McCoy is a real-life hero

(Newser) - It turns out it is possible to create healthy school meals without breaking the budget—as long as your town has "an overwhelming determination to prove a reality TV star wrong." In a massive dive into what's gone wrong with America's school lunches, Highline also looks... More »

Christie: 'I Don't Care' What's in School Lunches

If he becomes president, kids can eat 'whatever you want'

(Newser) - Chris Christie may have just become the Republican frontrunner among kids, though he likely irked Michelle Obama in the process. While campaigning in Iowa on Monday, the New Jersey governor fielded a complaint from an 11-year-old boy who said pizza and crispitos, a kind of crispy taco, have vanished from... More »

Lunch Lady Feeds Hungry Kid, Gets Fired

'This is just breaking my heart,' says Dalene Bowden

(Newser) - Dalene Bowden's response when a 12-year-old at Idaho's Irving Middle School told her she was hungry but didn't have any money seemed like a no-brainer: The food service worker gave the girl a free hot meal. In response, she received a letter of termination that called out... More »

Kitchen Manager Fired for Giving Kids Free Lunches

Della Curry says law needs to change

(Newser) - "I had a first grader in front of me, crying, because she doesn't have enough money for lunch. Yes, I gave her lunch," says Della Curry—who got fired for the deed. Curry was the kitchen manager at Colorado's Dakota Valley Elementary School until Friday, and... More »

School Officials: Kids Just Throw Away Healthy Food

We can't make students eat it, says official

(Newser) - It's not just House Republicans that are fighting Michelle Obama's healthy school lunches. School officials say kids across the country are actually throwing away the healthy food offered to them in place of less-healthy options. In New Mexico, whole-wheat tortillas went into the garbage, while whole-grain biscuits in... More »

Michelle Obama's School Lunch Rules in GOP Cross Hairs

New bill would let schools opt out of program championed by first lady

(Newser) - No Obama program is safe from House Republicans—even when the Obama in question is Michelle. A GOP agriculture and food spending released yesterday contains a provision that would take a bite out of the first lady's stricter school lunch health standards, the AP reports. With many schools complaining... More »

Good Samaritan Pays Off Kids' Lunch Balances

Dozens were behind, getting lesser school meals in Houston

(Newser) - Hear about that story out of Utah about a school that literally took lunches away from kids because their families were behind on payments? So did Kenny Thompson of Houston, who was bothered enough to check with his local school to see whether anything similar was happening, reports Click2Houston . Turns... More »

USDA Recalls Beef Meant for School Lunches

Plastic pieces found in meat

(Newser) - If you sent your children to school for "hot lunch" this morning, you’ll want to see this… or maybe you won’t. The USDA recalled beef after small pieces of plastic were found in it—but it’s who the meat was meant for that’s grabbing headlines.... More »

Elementary School Cafeteria Goes 100% Vegetarian

PS 244 is first school in New York City to do so

(Newser) - Forget Meatless Mondays : Every day is meatless at New York City's Public School 244, the first public school in the city to offer up an entirely vegetarian menu, the AP reports. (It's thought to be the one of first meat-free elementary schools in the entire country, adds NBC... More »

Students Plan Strike Over Smaller Lunch Sizes

'Why should I have to suffer if I'm not obese?' wonders one

(Newser) - Parsippany Hills High School has found a way to get its students to come together and really focus on an issue: Downsize their lunch. Students at the New Jersey high school are holding strategy sessions and considering a lunch strike over the newly smaller portions, which were implemented thanks to... More »

Schoolkids in Just 3 States Will Get Pink-Slime Lunches

Start licking those lips, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota...

(Newser) - The nation's school districts are turning up their noses at "pink slime"—well, most of them. The USDA says only three states participating in its National School Lunch Program— Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota—have chosen to order ground beef that may contain the product known as... More »

Pizza's Days as 'Vegetable' Could Be Numbered

If Rep. Jared Polis and his SLICE Act have their way

(Newser) - You may soon find it tougher to pack in a day's recommended number of vegetable servings. Rep. Jared Polis is on a quest to undo what some may consider to be the best thing Congress did in all of 2011 : its declaration that pizza is still considered a vegetable—... More »

Uproar After NC State Agent 'Fixes' Girl's Lunch

Preschooler ends up eating chicken nuggets instead of home-packed meal

(Newser) - A North Carolina preschooler arrived at school with a lunch packed by her mom, but ended up eating just three chicken nuggets from the school cafeteria because a state agent didn't think her packed lunch was nutritious enough. Pre-kindergarten programs are required to serve lunches that meet USDA guidelines—... More »

Congress Declares Pizza a Vegetable

In school lunches, at least

(Newser) - Thanks to Congress, pizza is still considered a vegetable—at least where school lunches are concerned. Proposed new school lunch standards from the USDA would have limited potatoes in school lunches (think French fries) and stopped counting less than a half-cup of tomato sauce as a vegetable (think pizza), but... More »

Obama Signs Nutrition Bill Into Law

Law imposes nutritional requirements, expands school lunches

(Newser) - Thousands more children would eat at school and all school food would become more nutritious under a bill President Obama signed into law today, part of an administration-wide effort to combat childhood obesity. "At a very basic level, this act is about doing what's right for our children,"... More »

At One School, Better Food = Better Behavior

Finding bolsters argument for healthier food choices in schools

(Newser) - Providing healthier food in schools is already becoming a trend —but educators might soon find a reason other than obesity to get rid of those vending machines. A school district in Wisconsin started replacing soda with water and junk food with fruits and vegetables 13 years ago, and something... More »

Crisis Looms for 16M Hungry Kids

Nation needs a better way to get food to them in summer

(Newser) - Judy Pasternak rounds up stats on hungry children and sees unmistakable signs that a "crisis" looms this summer. Because of the recession, more kids than ever needed subsidized lunches during the school year. Now that school is letting out, the USDA's "patchwork" and "jerry-rigged" summer programs won't... More »

For Healthier School Lunches, Move Salad Bar

A shift of 4 feet leads to huge results at one school

(Newser) - If educators want kids to eat more veggies at school, they might start with one deceptively easy solution: moving the salad bar. One middle school in New York did so to a more prominent spot and saw a huge increase—as in 250% to 300%—in the consumption of salad... More »

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