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12 Totally Odd Liquor Laws

No drunk horseback riding in Colorado, and other weird rules

(Newser) - Growlers may be the new hipster trend , but good luck finding one in Alabama. Any beer bottle larger than 16 ounces is banned there, along with "sensuous" wine labels. That's just one of a dozen crazy liquor laws complied by Mother Jones :
  • No sunrise mimosas in Alaska: you can't
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On the 7th Day, States Look to Down Blue Laws

Economy tanked, some seek shot of revenue in Sunday booze sales

(Newser) - Recession blues could swallow blue laws, Time reports. State legislatures in Georgia, Connecticut, Texas, Alabama, and Minnesota hope lifting a ban on Sunday alcohol sales will boost revenues. But Christian activists oppose the move, saying cash-strapped families are already feeling pressure. “I don't think we need to add even... More »

And on the Seventh Day, They Stop Selling Cars

In 14 states, Blue laws keep dealerships closed ... and that's just fine with them

(Newser) - With the American auto industry in dire straits, you might think dealers would be working 24/7 to move merchandise. But in 14 states and scattered counties elsewhere, Sunday sales are against the law—and many dealership owners like it that way. The Wall Street Journal visits Rhode Island to look... More »

3 Stories