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In Piling On Palin, Liberals Make Fools of Themselves

...and legitimize her as a true rogue

(Newser) - Watching liberals vilify Sarah Palin all over again bothers Lee Siegel. He finds her terrifying as a political prospect—"some of her positions, like her religious opposition to health-care reform and her opposition to stem-cell research, strike me as just shy of sociopathic"—but as an American story,... More »

Beck: I Want to Poison Pelosi ... Kidding!

Sure, no one likes her, but still...

(Newser) - So a few advertisers abandoned Glenn Beck’s show after his last bout of verbal diarrhea—so what? That didn’t stop him from “joking” that he wanted to poison Nancy Pelosi last night on his show, during a skit about hanging out at her “liberal, elitist wine... More »

Congress Leads Dems on 'Liberal Suicide March'

They're as out of touch as Republicans were in Bush years: Brooks

(Newser) - The Republican Party turned away from America during its years in power, writes New York Times columnist David Brooks, by paying more attention to echo-chamber media outlets and yes-men pollsters than voters. Now the Democrats are doing the same—instead of Southern conservatives, now it's left-wingers from the coasts who... More »

NYC's 'Elite' Happy for Reinforcements: McInerney

Obama added middle-class whites in winning coalition, author writes

(Newser) - New York celebrated Tuesday night, cheers ringing through Manhattan. “The last time a stranger hugged me on the street was September 11, 2001,” author Jay McInerney writes in the Independent, hailing the broadened coalition that made Barack Obama’s victory possible. “This moment feels like the obverse... More »

4 Stories