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Obama: 8M Have Signed Up for Insurance

He urges Democratic candidates to embrace it

(Newser) - President Obama made an unscheduled stop at the White House briefing room today to boast about a new ObamaCare milestone—8 million enrollees. That exceeds the original projection of 7.5 million, reports the Washington Post . "This thing is working," said Obama. The president added that 35% of... More »

Sebelius: Staying 'Wasn't an Option'

Stepping down was entirely her choice

(Newser) - Kathleen Sebelius went on NBC's Meet the Press today, where she made it clear that stepping down as Health Secretary was entirely her choice—a choice she made during the last presidential election. She didn't want to "leave along with a lot of my colleagues who left... More »

Obamas Pay $98K in Taxes on $481K of Income

They donate $59K to charities

(Newser) - President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama paid $98,169 in taxes on $481,098 income last year, according to tax returns the White House released today. They paid an effective federal income tax rate of 20.4%. The 42-page document shows the Obamas reported donating $59,251 to 32... More »

Obama Signs Exec Orders to Boost Equal Pay

Twin moves seek to reduce gender pay divide

(Newser) - On National Equal Pay Day, President Obama is taking action to fight the gender wage gap among federal contractors. Today, he signed an executive order requiring the companies to publish their wage data by gender and race, thus pushing them to adhere to laws on equal pay, al Jazeera America... More »

White House Slams Samsung Over Obama Selfie

President 'not to be used for commercial purposes'

(Newser) - President Obama doesn't want to be used to hawk Samsung smartphones, the White House warned after the electronics giant tweeted a photo of the president and Red Sox star David Ortiz to its 5.2 million followers. Ortiz—who has an endorsement deal with Samsung—took the selfie when... More »

Obama Exults at 7M Signups: 'Armageddon Has Not Arrived'

President sounds pretty happy in Rose Garden about ObamaCare

(Newser) - With an official count of 7,041,000 signups under ObamaCare—a number expected to grow as final tallies are made—President Obama enjoyed what both ABC and NBC called a "victory lap" in the Rose Garden today. "Many of the tall tales have been debunked," he... More »

ObamaCare Signups Surge Past 7M Target

More than 7M poised to sign up as of yesterday

(Newser) - Experts didn't think the White House could reach a goal of 7 million ObamaCare signups as of yesterday—but it looks like their forecasts were wrong. Officials say the administration was on track to receive more than 7 million signups, in line with the original Congressional Budget Office target... More »

Putin Calls Obama to Talk Diplomatic Resolution

Envoys from two countries will meet soon

(Newser) - Given that Russia has been massing troops at the Ukraine border, this seems like a relatively hopeful development: Vladimir Putin called President Obama today to talk about finding a diplomatic resolution, reports the BBC . The two leaders discussed a proposal put forth by John Kerry to Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov... More »

Obama Gives Americans the Foreign Policy They Want

And they're a little ashamed: Columnist

(Newser) - President Obama seems to be giving Americans the foreign policy they want—a "minimalist" one that refrains from knee-jerk military intervention and requires nations to deal with their own problems, observes Robert Kagan at the Washington Post . So why, then, are his approval ratings on foreign policy so dismal,... More »

Obama Meets Pope, Gives Him Seeds

President tells Francis, 'I'm a great admirer'

(Newser) - President Obama called himself a "great admirer" of Pope Francis as he sat down at the Vatican today with the pontiff he considers a kindred spirit on issues of economic inequality. Their historic nearly hourlong first meeting comes as Obama's administration and the church remain deeply split on... More »

Obama Defends Iraq War in Criticizing Russia

US didn't annex land, tried to 'work within the international system'

(Newser) - President Obama gave the big speech of his four-day overseas trip while in Belgium today, and it focused as expected on condemnation of Russia's moves in Crimea, reports Politico . At one point, Obama rejected the idea that US is hypocritical for criticizing Vladimir Putin given the invasion of Iraq.... More »

What the Pope Should Tell the President

And vice versa: Doyle McManus

(Newser) - When President Obama heads to the Vatican tomorrow, he and the pope should have a lot to talk about. America's first black president is meeting the Catholic Church's first Latin American pope; both took their jobs amid crises; both have political minds and initially boasted widespread support, notes... More »

Secret Service Sends 'Drunk' Agents Home

One was found passed out in Amsterdam hotel

(Newser) - Three Secret Service agents apparently unable to resist the lure of a Saturday night out in one of Europe's top party cities were sent home in disgrace before President Obama's arrival in Amsterdam this week, insiders tell the Washington Post . Hotel staff alerted the US Embassy after finding... More »

Feds: Con Sent Obama Threat to Wrong Address

Pennsylvania inmate charged with botched threat

(Newser) - President Obama might currently have one of the better-known addresses in America, but that piece of trivia was apparently lost on the Pennsylvania inmate charged with trying to send him a threat. Joseph Savage gets his latest day in court today, and prosecutors allege that, while cooling his heels in... More »

Obama to Ellen: Oscars Selfie Was a 'Cheap Stunt'

ObamaCare's hawker-in-chief hits talk show

(Newser) - President Obama is on Ellen today, and in clips the show released, he gives host Ellen DeGeneres grief about her famous Oscars selfie —because before she broke the record for most retweets, Obama was the one who held it. "I don't know if you know this, but... More »

US Calls G7 Crisis Meeting, May Kick Russia Out of G8

While Ukraine decries 'robbery'

(Newser) - Moscow has officially signed a treaty making Crimea part of Russia, and the West is not happy. President Obama today called for an emergency meeting of the G7 to decide whether to kick Russia out of the G8, the AP reports. The G7, which consists of the US, Britain, Japan,... More »

Millennials Are Dooming ObamaCare

They're not signing up, and the White House needs them

(Newser) - President Obama had little trouble garnering young people's support for his election—but when it comes to youth backing for the Affordable Care Act, it's a different story. Young enrollees are essential to the functioning of ObamaCare, but as of the end of February, just 1.08 million... More »

Obama to Look Into 'More Humane' Deportation

Jeh Johnson to head review after pressure from immigration rights groups

(Newser) - Just how deportation is handled by the US government will get a fresh look: President Obama yesterday ordered a review of deportations to see if they can be carried out "more humanely within the confines of the law," Politico reports. Though no specifics were given, the review, to... More »

Seriously? Obama Picks Now to Yuk It Up on 'Ferns'?

Kathleen Parker isn't sure this is the right time for the president to be silly

(Newser) - Kathleen Parker was no fan of President Obama's Between Two Ferns interview . What with situations including "Ukraine, Crimea, Vladimir Putin, China, Russia, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, North Korea or other trouble spots, never mind a missing airplane," this seems like far from an ideal time for the president... More »

Obama Approval at All-Time Low: Poll

WSJ /NBC finds just 41% back president's performance

(Newser) - President Obama's approval rating has dropped from 43% in January to 41%, an all-time low, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll . Some 54% disapprove of the president's performance, a figure that's on par with December's. Obama's approval rating on foreign policy is also at... More »

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