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Obama Scraps Plan to End College Savings Tax Break

529 plans are safe for now after issue becomes 'distraction'

(Newser) - President Obama has backed away from a plan to end a tax break for "529" college saving plans after meeting a backlash from lawmakers from both parties. The White House, which had presented the plan as a way to end a tax break mainly enjoyed by the wealthy and... More »

Obama's Chewing Gum a Problem Once Again

He's spotted with the stuff at a parade in India

(Newser) - It's got to be better than smoking in public, but President Obama's gum-chewing habit keeps getting him in trouble. The latest kerfuffle came in India, where Obama was watching a parade; reports noted his chewing of what was likely Nicorette. That incident has now made a number of... More »

Why Obama Watching a Parade in India Matters

It's significant on a number of levels

(Newser) - Today saw India's 66th Republic Day celebrations, and the first attended by a US president. But that's not because of past American snubs; rather, this was India's first invitation to a commander-in-chief, per the Wall Street Journal . Republic Day commemorates the anniversary of when India's constitution... More »

Obama in India: Nukes, Namaste, Climate Change

Presidential visit expected to yield wide-ranging talks with PM Modi

(Newser) - President Obama landed in India today and was greeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who skipped protocol to give the American president a hug in what the AP calls "the warm relationship" the two share. During his welcome ceremony, Obama himself clasped his hands and bowed his head in... More »

Obama to Cut India Trip Short, Head to Saudi Arabia

He will go in place of Joe Biden

(Newser) - The White House has rethought its Mideast protocol: President Obama himself will travel to Saudi Arabia Tuesday instead of Joe Biden to meet with the nation's new king, reports Reuters . Obama will cut short a visit to India, ditching a trip to the Taj Mahal, to pay his respects... More »

Obama Won't Meet With Netanyahu During Visit

White House says it's too close to Israeli elections

(Newser) - In a not-so-shocking development, the White House said today that President Obama won't meet with Benjamin Netanyahu when the Israeli leader visits in March to address Congress, reports NPR . A spokesperson offered a diplomatic reason, citing the Israeli elections that take place just two weeks after the March 3... More »

SOTU Contained This Word for the First Time

'Transgender' gets its first mention—as do quite a few other words

(Newser) - Speaking before Congress last night, President Obama uttered quite a few words never before heard in a State of the Union address . Among the most significant was "transgender"—as in, "we … condemn the persecution of women, or religious minorities, or people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual,... More »

Fact-Checking the State of the Union

President pointed to some debatable stats

(Newser) - Last night's State of the Union address has been described as "defiant" and "assertive," but how about "accurate"? The media this morning is questioning a few of President Obama's bigger claims. Among the shakier ones:
  • "Our combat mission in Afghanistan is over.
... More »

'Defiant' Obama Shapes His Liberal Legacy

Too little, too late, critics say

(Newser) - President Obama was full of confidence during a State of the Union address last night that some pundits are calling a "victory lap," celebrating his most progressive policies and outlining an ambitious vision for the future. "We have risen from recession freer to write our own future... More »

Obama's Ad-Lib Retort to GOP Steals the Show

'I know because I won both of them,' he says of his campaigns

(Newser) - In a State of the Union speech short on big surprises, one of the more talked-about moments came during a presidential ad-lib. Late in the speech, Obama said, "I have no more campaigns to run." When some cheers broke out among Republicans, Obama said, "I know because... More »

Obama: 'Middle-Class Economics Works'

President delivers State of the Union

(Newser) - President Obama has wrapped up his State of the Union speech, having tipped his hand on initiatives in advance, including a tax hit on the wealthiest Americans, free tuition for community college students, and paid family and sick leave . As expected, Obama boasted of an economic recovery and focused a... More »

'Robin Hood' Obama to Go on Offense Tonight

SOTU could be his last shot at relevancy, pundits say

(Newser) - The centerpiece of President Obama's State of the Union address tonight will be what some are calling a "Robin Hood" tax plan to benefit the middle class at the expense of Wall Street and the wealthiest 1%—and while the proposals have little chance of making it intact... More »

Ex-Cuba Prisoner, CVS Boss Among Michelle's Guests

President preps for State of the Union amid healthier poll numbers

(Newser) - President Obama goes into tomorrow's State of the Union address with some momentum : A Washington Post-ABC News poll finds his approval rating now stands at 50%, which is the highest since spring 2013; improving views on the economy are a big factor, the Post reports. Meanwhile, the White House... More »

Obama's Tax Overhaul: 99% of Impact Paid for by 1%

99% of greatly expanded middle-class breaks would fall on the 1%

(Newser) - President Obama will take the podium Tuesday night in the US Capitol and use this year's State of the Union to lay out a raft of middle class tax reforms and benefits that he wants to pay for on the backs of the nation's wealthiest—and, as Politico... More »

Obama, Cameron: We'll Beat 'Death Cult' Terrorists

They also want Congress to skip new sanctions on Iran

(Newser) - In a show of trans-Atlantic unity, President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged a joint effort on today to fight domestic terrorism following deadly attacks in France. They also strongly urged the US Congress to hold off on implementing new sanctions on Iran in the midst of nuclear... More »

Obama's New Push: Paid Family, Sick Leave

6 paid weeks off for new child, 7 paid sick days a year are immediate goals

(Newser) - One of the first steps President Obama took in 2015 was to propose free community college . Now he's expected to announce today that he'll direct federal agencies to offer employees up to six weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child, the New York ... More »

Obama Rolls Out Rules to Hack Methane Emissions

Obama administration aims to cut emissions by 45% by 2025

(Newser) - President Obama is rolling out major new steps to fight methane emissions, aiming to cut them by up to 45% of 2012 levels within a decade. The administration's rules will address the growing domestic oil and gas industries, whose expansion is expected to significantly increase the amount of methane... More »

Mike Huckabee Dings Obama on Parenting

Former governor's big concern: Beyonce

(Newser) - Amid murmurs of another presidential run, Mike Huckabee has left his Fox News show behind—but in an interview with People , he still had time to make his views on the Obamas clear. How can such concerned parents, he wondered, let their daughters listen to Beyonce? "I don't... More »

Texas Rep. Likens Obama to Hitler, Hitler Wins

Randy Weber not happy president skipped Paris march

(Newser) - Aaaand we've got a Hitler comparison. Texas Rep. Randy Weber decided to weigh in on the brouhaha over the lack of high-level American officials at Sunday's anti-terror march in Paris . The Republican tweeted : "Even Adolph [sic] Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris.... More »

White House: We Should Have Sent Bigwig to Paris

But security made it impossible for Obama, Biden

(Newser) - In a rare public admission of error, the White House said today the US should have sent a high-level official to an anti-terror march in Paris that was attended by more than 40 world leaders. The Obama administration was represented yesterday by the US ambassador to France, though Attorney General... More »

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