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Obama: 'I Think if I Ran, I Could Win'

But presidents aren't above the law, he tells African leaders

(Newser) - The quote about the 2016 election getting the most attention today comes from a guy who can't even run: "I actually think I'm a pretty good president—I think if I ran, I could win—but I can't." President Obama made the joke while addressing... More »

Huckabee: Obama Marching Israelis to 'Door of Oven'

POTUS candidate under fire for attack on Iran nuclear deal

(Newser) - It's no surprise that presidential candidate Mike Huckabee isn't happy with the recent Iran nuclear deal , but the rhetoric he used to make his point has prompted a call from the Democratic National Committee for an apology, the BBC reports. In an interview with Breitbart on Saturday, the... More »

Obama Makes History With Ethiopia Visit

But critics say he's 'rewarding' repressive regime

(Newser) - President Obama became the first sitting US president to visit Ethiopia when he arrived there last night after a stop in Kenya , his father's homeland. He huddled with the country's leaders today for talks on counterterrorism, human rights, and regional security issues, including the crisis in neighboring South... More »

Obama to Dad's Homeland: You Have No Limit

President closes out visit to Kenya with appeal to youth

(Newser) - President Barack Obama told Kenyans today that their country is at a crossroads and urged them to "choose the path to progress" by continuing to root out corruption, eliminate income inequality, and be more inclusive of women and girls. Closing out a historic visit to the land of his... More »

Obama Chides Kenya President on Gay Rights

But doesn't have much luck

(Newser) - President Obama pushed African nations today to treat gays and lesbians equally under the law, a position that remains unpopular through much of the continent. Obama's Kenyan counterpart responded by calling the matter a "non-issue" for his country. Obama tackled the sensitive matter on his first full day... More »

Obama: Gun Control Is My Biggest Frustration

He is 'distressed' by failure to deal with issue

(Newser) - Just hours before yet another mass shooting , President Obama told the BBC that the biggest frustration of his presidency has been his failure to bring in stricter gun control laws, "even in the face of repeated mass killings." He said he had been "stymied" in his efforts... More »

Obama Says Goodbye to Stewart's Daily Show

'I can't believe you're leaving before me,' he says on 7th appearance

(Newser) - Jon Stewart only has a couple of weeks left as host of the Daily Show, but in an appearance last night, it was President Obama who was doing most of the looking back, with Stewart taking his last opportunity to press Obama on his record in office and on issues... More »

White House Lowers Flag for Victims in Chattanooga

Republicans say it took too long

(Newser) - Flags are flying at half-staff in front of the White House and the Capitol today in honor of the victims of last week's Chattanooga shootings. President Obama ordered the move at the White House “as a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence... More »

New Obama Gun-Control Plan Surprises NRA

Policy could put 4.7M more Americans in background-check system

(Newser) - A new plan to issue background checks on millions of potential gun-buyers has caught the NRA off guard, the Los Angeles Times reports. Responding to an executive order from President Obama, the Social Security Administration is devising a policy that could add millions of its beneficiaries to the National Instant... More »

Obama Visits Prison, Says He Could Have Wound Up There

Inmates' stories remind him of his own mistakes

(Newser) - President Obama became the first sitting president to visit a prison today, and Politico notes that the milestone had him reflecting on his own past. After all, he was a black youth who smoked pot and tried cocaine. “That’s what strikes me—there but for the grace of... More »

Obama: No Way to Yank Cosby's Medal of Freedom

There's no process because it's never been done, says president

(Newser) - President Obama doesn't sound like he's willing to try to revoke Bill Cosby's Medal of Freedom. When asked about it today at a news conference, Obama explained that there's no precedent for such a thing, reports NBC News . But while declining to address the specifics of... More »

5 Takes on the Iran Nuclear Deal

We won't be able to really assess until after President Obama leaves office

(Newser) - Assuming it clears Congress, it won't be possible to truly assess whether the Iran nuclear deal was a smart move by President Obama until after he's out of office, observes David Sanger in the New York Times . "The best guess today, even among the most passionate supporters... More »

Obama Gives 46 Non-Violent Offenders a Break

President commutes sentences, mostly for drug offenders

(Newser) - President Obama is cutting the prison sentences of 46 convicts as part of a broader effort to make the criminal justice system fairer and ease the punishment of those serving more time than their crimes warranted. The president has now issued nearly 90 commutations, most of them to non-violent offenders... More »

Obama to Visit Prison, First Time for a President

It's for an HBO documentary

(Newser) - President Obama will visit the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma next week, which will make him the first sitting president to visit a federal prison, reports CNN . While there on Thursday, he'll meet with inmates and be interviewed by Vice for a documentary about the criminal justice... More »

What Led Obama to Sing 'Amazing Grace'

Michelle, Valerie Jarrett were a bit skeptical at first

(Newser) - President Obama's rendition of "Amazing Grace" at the end of his eulogy for the Rev. Clementa Pinckney has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube . Had he listened to the gut reaction of those around him, it might not have happened at all. The New York ... More »

Obama: We'll Do These 4 Things to Beat ISIS

But recent successes expose flaws in US strategy

(Newser) - President Obama made a rare visit to the Pentagon yesterday and delivered an update on the mission against ISIS and an outline of US strategy in what Obama stresses will be a long-term fight. The four key points, per the Pentagon conference and the White House , which uses the ISIL... More »

Obama to Make History for Federal Prisoners

President ready to commute record number of sentences

(Newser) - President Obama appears ready to make history by commuting sentences for nearly 80 federal prisoners this month—more than any president has in decades, the New York Times reports. His expected clemency will free prisoners put away on non-violent drug charges, and reflects a bigger effort by the Obama administration... More »

Obama: Last Week Actually Wasn't 'Best' of My Life

They involved Michelle, daughters, basketball

(Newser) - President Obama had what some commentators are calling the greatest week of his presidency last week—with victories on ObamaCare , gay marriage , and trade , along with a stirring eulogy in Charleston —but he says he has had even better weeks. "Now my best week, I will tell you,... More »

Obama Wants 5M More Americans to Get Overtime

His proposal would more than double current salary threshold to $50,440

(Newser) - "Right now, too many Americans are working long days for less pay than they deserve." Those are President Obama's words in a Huffington Post op-ed about a proposal he predicts would help up to 5 million workers in 2016: increasing the overtime salary threshold from $23,660... More »

SCOTUS Smacks Down Obama Emissions Plan

Says EPA jumped gun on regulations on mercury, other pollutants

(Newser) - In a 2014 ruling , an appeals court decided that the Environmental Protection Agency "properly [put] the horse before the cart" in coming up with mandates to limit power-plant emissions of mercury and other pollutants. The Supreme Court today overturned that ruling, blocking a key White House environmental initiative because... More »

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