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She Coined 'On Fleek,' Wants You to Pay Her for It

Internet hit Peaches Monroee is crowdfunding for planned cosmetics line

(Newser) - If you've ever used the term "on fleek," Kayla Lewis is hoping you'll see fit to pay her for it. Lewis, better known by her Vine moniker Peaches Monroee, was a teen who broke onto the internet scene in 2014 after supposedly being the first person... More »

16 Phrases That Must Go Away by 2011

Really everyone, it's time to stop saying 'OMG'

(Newser) - Trying to think up a good New Year's resolution? Julie Gerstein would like you to consider giving up the following words and phrases—forever. From The Frisky :
  • Friend: "Not as in 'you are my friend.' Friend, as in: 'Did you friend me on Facebook yet?'"
  • Amazeballs: "Equally
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10 Phrases That Need to Die

I am so above all the drama. Literally.

(Newser) - If you haven't said at least one of these, oh, at least 128 times in casual conversation, you should check that you still have a pulse. Because most of us can't avoid uttering them time and time again, and it just needs to stop, writes Alida Nugent on her Frenemy... More »

Most Overused Words of the '00s

Please, if it's not amazing, stop calling it 'amazing'

(Newser) - “OMG,” people “seriously” overused certain words and phrases this decade, and we are “over it.” Wendy Atterberry lists 25 that should be “voted off” immediately, on The Frisky :
  • “That’s what she said.”
  • “Getting anything ‘on,’ like ‘getting
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Jargon Not a Best Practice, Brit Bureaucrats Told

Confusing phrases are keeping people from using services: agency

(Newser) - This recession requires the British government to drop its jargon and get consensually transparent, er, clear. A government agency frets that people are missing out on services because they don't understand bureaucratic lingo like the following phrases, per Reuters:
  1. Slippage: Why not just admit the delay?
  2. A menu of options
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Top 10 Most Irritating Phrases

Absolutely a nightmare, 24/7

(Newser) - At the end of the day, it's not rocket science, but the Guardian reports that researchers at Oxford University have been working absolutely 24/7 to compile a fairly unique list of phrases which, with all due respect, are some of the most irritating in popular use. You’ve just read... More »

6 Stories