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Man Who Beheaded Bus Passenger Freed

Matt Baker gets total discharge for 2008 attack

(Newser) - A man who stabbed, beheaded, and partially cannibalized a fellow Greyhound bus passenger in a terrifying random attack in 2008 has been granted an absolute discharge by authorities in Canada, meaning he will no longer be subject to any court-ordered monitoring. That includes monitoring to check whether he is taking... More »

Ex: Man Who Killed Trooper Hated Police

Trooper may have been trying to make small talk at Greyhound station

(Newser) - More information is emerging about the shooter and Virginia state trooper killed in Thursday's violence at a Greyhound bus station in Richmond. The AP reports 37-year-old Chad Dermyer, a former Marine, was participating in a counterterrorism exercise at the bus station with a dozen or so other troopers. Part... More »

Cops: Train Thief Stole Bus, Wants to Steal Plane

NYC man has been arrested 29 times

(Newser) - Notorious train thief Darius McCollum has returned to a life of crime, and few modes of transport are safe, police say. The 50-year-old was arrested on Wednesday behind the wheel of a stolen Greyhound bus in Brooklyn, NBC New York reports. The bus, which was apparently stolen from a Port... More »

Bus Passengers Subdue Attacker, Prevent Crash

Greyhound in Arizona nearly went into oncoming traffic

(Newser) - A bizarre incident on a Greyhound bus in Arizona resulted in injuries to more than 20 people, but police say quick-thinking passengers prevented it from being much, much worse. A 25-year-old man on the bus is accused of attacking the driver just before 2am as they traveled on I-10 near... More »

'A Thousand Roaches' Infest Greyhound Bus Ride

Passengers freak after leaving Atlantic City

(Newser) - Talk about nasty: A bus full of Greyhound travelers suddenly found roaches dropping from the ceiling and scurrying up their clothes yesterday, CNN reports. "There's like a thousand roaches," said a passenger on the ill-fated trip. "And when I say infested, I mean infested. People were... More »

Oops! Now Baldwin Insults Greyhound

Bus company not too pleased he dragged it into his American Airlines mess

(Newser) - Alec Baldwin, scourge of travel companies everywhere: American Airlines is mad at him , flight attendants want him off their planes , and now Greyhound has a bone to pick with the actor. In his apology to passengers that ran on the Huffington Post, he noted that flight attendants like the one... More »

Bull Semen Shuts Tennessee Highway

Steaming canisters alarm motorists

(Newser) - A load of bull semen packed in liquid nitrogen caused a scare and closed a highway near Nashville on Tuesday after it fell out of a Greyhound bus. Motorists called emergency services after seeing the large, steaming canisters and smelling a foul odor, reports WKRN . The highway was reopened after... More »

Medical Student Charged With Killing 14 Dogs

Cops respond after tip that Italian greyhounds were disappearing

(Newser) - A Michigan medical student is being charged with torturing and killing up to 14 dogs he purchased in the last nine months. Police checked on David Thompson, 24, after a tipster complained that he was bringing in a large number of dogs, mostly Italian greyhounds, that were never seen again.... More »

Greyhound Bus Hijacker Nailed

Incident ends without injury after passenger alerts police

(Newser) - A bus hijacking in North Carolina last night ended without injury when cops pounced on an armed man threatening to blow up the vehicle. The hijacker boarded the Richmond–Raleigh bus along a North Carolina highway and ordered the driver to relinquish the vehicle, AP reports. The gunman allowed everybody... More »

Passenger Surrenders After Bus Bomb Scare

9-hour standoff ends peacefully

(Newser) - A 9-hour standoff with a passenger on a Maine to New York Greyhound bus ended peacefully last night when the man surrendered to police. The standoff in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, began when a passenger called 911 to report an explosive device. The driver and 16 passengers left the bus after... More »

US Prisons Leave Driving to Greyhound

Convicts unescorted in transfers; feds say there's little risk

(Newser) - Federal convicts regularly transfer themselves between prisons unescorted, riding public transportation without a guard in sight, WFAA-TV reports. Some 5,300 have switched prisons on their own since April 2006; 54,000 have headed to halfway houses. And in 2003-05, 77 escaped while en route. “It’s an inherent... More »

Greyhound Bus Killer Found Mentally Ill

Man who decapitated traveler committed to mental hospital

(Newser) - The man who beheaded and partly cannibalized a passenger aboard a Greyhound bus last July was found not criminally responsible and will be committed to a mental institution, reports the Globe and Mail. Prosecution and defense both argued that Vince Li was tormented by voices he believed came from God... More »

Vote Greyhound for First Pooch

Loyal, cuddly and in need of a political push

(Newser) - So the Obamas are looking for a hypoallergenic rescue dog? Well, Jezebel has just the breed for them: Greyhound. Today known mostly as racing dogs, Greyhounds have a proud history. They were protected by law in the Middle Ages, they appear in Chaucer, Shakespeare and the Simpsons, and are the... More »

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