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Full-Moon Fermentation Gives Beer Stronger Taste

So says a Belgium brewer

(Newser) - A family-owned brewery in Peruwelz, Belgium, fermented its first batch of beer brewed under a full autumnal moon. "We made several tests and noticed that the fermentation was more vigorous, more active," said Roger Caulier, owner of the brewery. "The end product was completely different, stronger, with... More »

Beer 101? Now, That's a Party School!

UWisconsin offers course in bacteriology of fermentation

(Newser) - The University of Wisconsin is starting a class with one thing you’d think its students would already know well: beer. But the offering is about the science of brewing, focuses on fermentation, and is taught by the bacteriology department, the Chicago Tribune reports. “This is not a... More »

2 Stories