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Theater Owners: No Calorie Counts on Our Popcorn!

But FDA rules loom

(Newser) - The FDA's final decision on publishing movie theater calorie counts is looming, and theater owners are fighting tooth and nail. Final rules could come from regulators today, forcing theaters to disclose exactly how many calories are in those huge buckets of popcorn, oversized pretzels, and other prepared foods, just like... More »

Movie, Munchie Sales Shrivel

Cash-strapped moviegoers forego snacks, according to latest sales stats

(Newser) - Some Americans seeking a break from economic news may be sitting in the dark in movie theaters—but they're apparently not eating their Raisinets. That's the news from two cinema companies reporting a major munchie drop off. Conventional wisdom holds that people can always afford a movie. Not so. Admission... More »

2 Stories