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7K Children's Shoes Placed on Capitol Lawn

There was a pair for every child killed by gunfire since Sandy Hook

(Newser) - Some 7,000 pairs of children's shoes were placed on the lawn of the Capitol building Tuesday as a haunting reminder of children killed by gun violence. The advocacy group Avaaz, which organized the display, says the shoes represented all the children killed by gunfire since the Sandy Hook... More »

Mike Pence: Flight 93 Heroes Saved My Life

VP recalls 'longest 12 minutes of my life' on 9/11 anniversary

(Newser) - VP Mike Pence paid homage to the "heroes of Flight 93 " Monday during a ceremony in Shanksville, Pa., but his speech had an unusually personal note: He thinks the passengers who brought down the plane on Sept. 11, 2001, saved his life. Pence recalled being a new member... More »

Lawmaker Ruffled by Duck Ramp Told to 'Duck Off'

Rep. Mark Walker's complaint about government waste wasn't well received

(Newser) - The president of a non-profit that helps animals in Washington, DC, calls it a lifesaving measure. Rep. Mark Walker calls it a waste of government funds. Such is the debate raging over a simple duck ramp installed by government officials at the Capitol Reflecting Pool, which is drawing quite a... More »

Woman Arrested Near Capitol After Hitting Police Car

Police say the scare had no connection to terrorism

(Newser) - A woman described as "erratic and aggressive" drove a vehicle into a US Capitol Police cruiser near the Capitol on Wednesday morning and was taken into custody, police said. Shots were fired during her arrest, but the incident appeared to be criminal in nature with "no nexus to... More »

Lawmakers Battle Over Student Painting of Cops as Animals

Some Republicans want it removed from Capitol

(Newser) - For six months, Untitled #1 hung in a hallway of the Capitol among hundreds of other winning artworks from the high school Congressional Arts Competition without much fuss. Then came a tug-of-war. The painting by Missouri's David Pulphus—a collage of scenes, showing two police officers with what appear... More »

Cops Shoot Alleged Gunman at US Capitol

Officials say he's likely Larry Russell Dawson

(Newser) - A gunman caused the US Capitol to be shut down Monday when he drew a firearm at the Capitol Visitors Center and was shot by US Capitol police, CNN reports. Said to be Tennessee man Larry Russell Dawson, he is now in surgery at the hospital. A female bystander was... More »

White House Lowers Flag for Victims in Chattanooga

Republicans say it took too long

(Newser) - Flags are flying at half-staff in front of the White House and the Capitol today in honor of the victims of last week's Chattanooga shootings. President Obama ordered the move at the White House “as a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence... More »

It Won't Be Easy to Wipe Away Our Confederate Symbols

They're in our Capitol, and hints of them are in 7 state flags

(Newser) - Yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the day the last shots of the Civil War were fired and it turned out to be a bad day for symbols of the Confederacy: South Carolina's top lawmakers called for the Confederate battle flag's removal from the state Capitol and Walmart... More »

Pressure Cooker in Car Near Capitol Destroyed

Car's owner found, arrested

(Newser) - A bomb squad safely destroyed a pressure cooker found in an unattended vehicle parked on the National Mall near the US Capitol and the vehicle's owner was found and arrested, a US Capitol Police spokeswoman said. Capitol Police officers on routine patrol spotted the parked, unoccupied vehicle on a... More »

Not Delivered: Gyrocopter Pilot's Message

Doug Hughes carries 535 messages about campaign-finance reform

(Newser) - The letter carrier who caused a full-scale security review in Washington when he violated national airspace by landing his gyrocopter on Capitol Hill expressed frustration today that his message wasn't getting through. Doug Hughes had hoped to raise awareness about the influence of big money in politics by deliberately... More »

Pilot Who Landed at US Capitol Made No Secret of Plans

Doug Hughes said cops probably wouldn't shoot 'mailman in flying bicycle'

(Newser) - At least two people tried to warn the Secret Service about Doug Hughes' plan to land his gyrocopter on the lawn of the US Capitol and deliver 535 letters to members of Congress. A friend of the 61-year-old mailman left a message with a Secret Service agent because "my... More »

Protest Flight: Guy Lands Small Copter at Capitol

Florida postal carrier was reportedly protesting campaign finance laws

(Newser) - A pilot has been taken into custody after landing a small copter on the lawn at the US Capitol today, reports CNN . Capitol Police confirm that a "gyro copter with a single occupant" landed of the pilot's own accord—though most definitely without permission to fly in restricted... More »

Alleged Capitol Plotter: 'His Best Friend Is His Kitty'

Christopher Lee Cornell's dad says 'no way' son could have carried out terror plot

(Newser) - A 20-year-old Ohio man arrested yesterday stands accused of plotting to attack the US Capitol with pipe bombs and gunfire. As reported last night , Christopher Lee Cornell was undone by an FBI sting (an undercover operative connected with him after Cornell allegedly posted pro-terror-attack tweets). New details as of this... More »

FBI Accuses Ohio Man of Plotting Attack on Capitol

Christopher Cornell is busted in sting operation

(Newser) - The FBI says a 20-year-old Ohio man planned to attack the US Capitol with pipe bombs and gunfire, reports CNN . Christopher Cornell of Green Township is charged with attempting to kill a US government official. It was another FBI sting, and authorities say the plan stood little chance of actually... More »

Scaffolding to Cloak Capitol for 2 Years

Renovation will fix more than 1K cracks

(Newser) - Turns out things on the outside of the Capitol are also fractured and in urgent need of repair. The historic dome will be covered in scaffolding starting next month for a two-year, $60 million restoration project, reports the Washington Post . The office of the Architect of the Capitol says more... More »

DC Driver's Sister: She 'Didn't Deserve to Die'

Focus turns to police response in Capitol

(Newser) - The focus in the aftermath of this week's deadly car chase in DC is shifting from the search for a motive—it's becoming clear that driver Miriam Carey had mental health problems and suffered from delusions —to a debate over authorities' use of force. "Deadly force... More »

See Video of DC Chase

CNN airs footage of driver on the run

(Newser) - It didn't take long for video to surface of today's car chase on Capitol Hill that ended with police fatally shooting the female driver. Slate offers this via CNN. More »

Female Driver in Capitol Car Chase Is Dead

She set off alarms on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - It's not entirely clear what led to today's bedlam on the streets around Capitol Hill, but the female driver at the center of it is dead, reports AP . Police shot and killed the unidentified woman as she led them on a high-speed chase from the White House toward... More »

'Isolated Incident': Capitol Lockdown Is Lifted After Gunfire

Incident began near White House barricade

(Newser) - Police have lifted a security lockdown at the US Capitol after gunfire rang out on Capitol Hill this afternoon. Details were still developing, but Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine said it appeared to be an "isolated incident" unrelated to terrorism. Eyewitnesses say that police fired on a black sedan... More »

North Korean Video Shows Nuke Strike on Washington

White House is targeted, US Capitol explodes

(Newser) - Apparently New York in flames was not enough. Now a quasi-official North Korean news agency has posted a new video —this one of the US Capitol exploding, NBC News reports. Intercut with images of North Korean artillery and missiles, the video also shows a target homing in on the... More »

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