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When Did Corporations Find Religion?

Supreme Court considers ObamaCare contraception mandate

(Newser) - This week, the Supreme Court is considering whether ObamaCare can require corporations to offer coverage for contraception. Companies like Hobby Lobby say that mandate violates their right to religious freedom, a claim that has some pundits raising their eyebrows:
  • Corporations don't seem too worried about religious values when they
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Hey, Romney: Save Yourself. Pick Paul Ryan

Leading conservatives to Mitt: Ignore the establishment

(Newser) - Establishment Republicans shudder at the idea of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's runningmate: After all, as chair of the House Budget Committee, he has espoused controversial reforms to Medicare, and Beltway insiders fear choosing him would put the focus on those issues. In short, they believe "Ryan is... More »

National Review Fires Columnist for Anti-Black Screed

'Indefensible' column means 'there has to be parting of the ways'

(Newser) - John Derbyshire, the conservative columnist who set off a firestorm of outrage over his advice for white and Asian parents to protect their children from black people , was fired yesterday from the National Review, reports Politico . While calling "Derb" a "deeply literate, funny, and incisive writer," National ... More »

From the Right, Scorn and Talk of Repeal

Conservatives hold out hope for success in 2010, 2012

(Newser) - Conservatives are not happy about the House's passage of health care reform legislation. Some opinions:
  • Paraphrasing Marx in the Weekly Standard , William Kristol writes that while the "the first appearance in full flower of modern American liberalism" in the 1960s was a "tragedy," this second coming is
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Campaign Arrows Puncture Righty Mag's Lofty Rep

Still, National Review looks forward to having Dems in power after tumultuous year

(Newser) - The nasty tone of the presidential campaign dealt a blow to the National Review, considered the print home for conservative intellectuals and a standard-bearer for genteel debate, the New York Times reports. The death of founder William F. Buckley was followed by the ouster of his son Christopher following his... More »

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