Lewis Carroll

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This Alice in Wonderland Copy Is a Collector's Dream

It will be sold at auction next month

(Newser) - "One of the great rarities of 19th century literature" is about to hit the auction block. A first edition of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland will be sold by Christie's on June 16—almost exactly 151 years after it was first printed. The book's existence is... More »

Burton's Alice: It's Either Frabjous or Mimsy

Critics split on Tim Burton's reimagining of Carroll's classic

(Newser) - Critics are so divided on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland that it's hard to believe they all went down the same rabbit hole. Most have high praise for the 3-D visuals but some complain there's more Disney than Burton.
  • Purists may not care for Burton's updating of Lewis Caroll's classics,
... More »

Lewis Carroll Letter Points to Pedophile Leanings

Writes real Alice of his fondness for children

(Newser) - Alice in Wonderland's author is sending a message from the grave to the literary experts who have long wondered whether he was a pedophile. A privately held letter has emerged in which Lewis Carroll tells real-life Alice—a child friend 18 years his junior—about his fondness for kids and... More »

3 Stories