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Jared Leto: Pinnacle of Hipster Manhood

Actor-turned-rock-visionary is 'ultimate Alt Alpha Male'

(Newser) - Is Jared Leto the very pinnacle of hipster manhood, the breed’s most desirable? Certainly seems so to blogger Carles, who writes that “alt bros should be jealous of Leto because of his authentic career as an actor in alt movies, and his successful band”—30 Seconds to... More »

'He-Cession' Is Death Knell for Male Dominance

Recession has sped end of 'era of male dominance'

(Newser) - Macho men caused this recession, and they’re going to pay the price: for the first time in history, they’ll cease to be the dominant force in society, writes Reihan Salam in Foreign Policy. Signs of the turning tide can already be seen in the US, as male-dominated industries... More »

2 Stories