Terry Gross

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How Terry Gross Gets People to Open Up On Air

'New York Times' profiles America's 'national interviewer'

(Newser) - As NPR's Fresh Air radio host Terry Gross celebrates her 40th anniversary at the helm of the show, former Harper’s Magazine editor and This American Life producer Susan Burton has a sit-down with her for the New York Times . And while Gross shares parts of her life story—... More »

Why Terry Gross Is Great

NPR host's interview of Bill Ayers is absolutely textbook

(Newser) - Terry Gross is one of the best interviewers in the business, and her recent session with Bill Ayers proves why, writes James Fallows in the Atlantic. The host of NPR’s Fresh Air avoids common modern pitfalls: She’s neither attack dog nor lapdog, and doesn’t try to prove... More »

2 Stories