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America Still Can't Accept a Black President

Ta-Nehisi Coates takes a long look at Obama and American racism

(Newser) - The Trayvon Martin shooting at first brought much of America together in a "trans-partisan" reaction, with many Republicans and conservatives sympathizing with the unarmed teenage boy who was killed. But when America's first-ever black president commented on the tragedy—with a mild expression of sympathy and a universal... More »

Time to End Myth About 'Stable' Slave Families

Bachmann's vow is part of a 'deliberate amnesia' on slavery

(Newser) - There’s a persistent myth in America that slavery was “an idyllic world of stable families headed by married parents," writes Tera Hunter—a myth that Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum’s endorsement of the “Marriage Vow” served to highlight. It’s time for us to understand... More »

For Census Purposes, Obama's African-American

In response to question about race, president checks one box

(Newser) - When he filled out his census form yesterday, President Obama identified himself as African-American. The son of a black Kenyan and a white Kansan, Obama had the option to check more than one box. He didn't hesitate before choosing "Black, African Am., or Negro," White House press secretary... More »

NYC Pol Highlights Interracial Marriage—and Wins

One historian sees it as a 'post-Obama' moment

(Newser) - Bill de Blasio's victory in the Democratic primary to be New York City's public advocate is a knock at the door of another racial hurdle. De Blasio’s wife is black, and his children interracial, a fact made clear in campaign ads and mailings. "For so long in American... More »

A Post-Racial Society? Your Toddler Would Beg to Differ

Kids learn racial difference early, and parents aren't helping

(Newser) - Parents, if you think you’re raising color-blind children by avoiding open discussions on race, you’re wrong and could actually be doing the opposite, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman write in a lengthy Newsweek article exposing how babies really learn about racial difference. Many white parents shy away from... More »

'Post-Racial' Proclamations Fizzle Fast

Gates incident, rise of birthers indicate issue's persistence

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s election was supposed to be a healing moment, proof that we’re in a post-racial America. “Didn’t last very long,” writes Roger Simon of Politico. Today America seems as racially divided as ever. Exhibit A: the birthers, who say Obama’s “an alien... More »

'Mutt' Prez Will Move US Beyond Equality

Obama vanquishes not just inequality, but old ideas of racial purity

(Newser) - Our enemies love using US racial divisions as a stick to beat Americans with, a stick “we’ve handed them over and over again,” writes Gregory Rodriguez in the Los Angeles Times. Now, Barack Obama gives us a crucial symbol of progress—and it won’t be because... More »

7 Stories