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Romney's Finances Look Really Suspicious

Vanity Fair details all the strange contortions Romney is doing to dodge taxes

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's tax returns —and the bevy of offshore tax havens they point to—have already provided lots of fodder for critics, but all generally agree that he's done nothing illegal. "But it is worth asking if it is actually true," writes Nicholas Shaxson in... More »

Romney Helped Marriott Dodge Taxes

'Son of BOSS' scheme implemented during his audit board tenure

(Newser) - Another ghost from Mitt Romney's business past may be coming back to haunt him. Romney has long maintained close ties with Marriott International, and he led its audit board for several years, Bloomberg points out. During that time, Marriott instituted a tax maneuver it nicknamed "Son of BOSS,... More »

30 Top Corporations Paid US No Taxes, Despite Profit

Few companies actually pay 35% rate

(Newser) - America may have a lofty 35% corporate tax rate—but who actually pays that? A new study from a pair of left-leaning think tanks examined 280 Fortune 500 companies from 2008-2010, and found that their average effective rate was 18.5%, with a quarter paying less than 10% and 30... More »

How Google Avoids Paying Billions in Taxes

'Double Irish' and 'Dutch Sandwich' maneuvers save big bucks

(Newser) - Google has shaved a staggering $3.1 billion off its tax bill over the last three years by shuffling its earnings through Ireland, the Netherlands, and Bermuda, Bloomberg reports. Using common maneuvers like the “Double Irish” and the “Dutch Sandwich,” the search giant has brought its overseas... More »

US Settles Tax Evasion Suit With UBS, Swiss

(Newser) - Swiss bank UBS AG has agreed to a settlement with the US to resolve a lengthy tax evasion probe, the Wall Street Journal reports. The details are currently under wraps, as the final documents await signatures. UBS will likely hand the IRS the names of  8,000 to 10,000... More »

Tax Deal Derailed DC Train Upgrade

Outlawed tax shelter scheme blamed for lack of modern safety features

(Newser) - Safer cars might have saved lives in Monday's DC train crash, but a tax-dodge deal made with a bank prevented the transit authority from replacing aging stock until 2014, the Wall Street Journal reports. The National Transportation Safety Board urged the authority years ago to either replace its older cars... More »

Big Biz, Dems Rebel on Offshore Tax Reforms

Business groups and lawmakers worry about effect on US competitiveness

(Newser) - President Obama’s plan to crack down on the tax practices of US-based multinationals has elicited much squawking from business groups and lawmakers who fear it may limit the competitiveness of American firms, the Hill reports. Even Democrats have greeted Obama’s proposals with trepidation: “I want to make... More »

Firms Fight Overseas Tax Changes Worth Billions

Last year's sheltered earnings could have brought US $20B

(Newser) - Overseas tax reform plans in the works under President Obama would put a serious squeeze on top firms, which under current law can store foreign income abroad indefinitely, reports the Wall Street Journal. Ten of the biggest companies earned $58 billion in 2008 that’s now sheltered overseas—money that... More »

Rangel Saved Loophole that Aided $1M Donor

Oil-drilling company helped finance NY rep's legacy project

(Newser) - As questions swirl over the methods Charles Rangel used to raise funds for a school in his name, a New York Times investigation finds that the New York representative and chair of the House Ways and Means committee fought to save a tax loophole that benefited one of the school's... More »

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