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US Embassy in Montenegro Was Closed. Then, a Boom

Attacker threw grenade, killed himself

(Newser) - The offices at the US Embassy in Montenegro were closed for the night late Wednesday when the attack occurred: An unidentified man threw a grenade over the compound's wall and then took his own life using a second explosive device, reports the AP . He was the only casualty, and... More »

Ohio Family Cleaning Out Home Finds Live Grenade

Relative had recently died, left behind WWII-era grenade

(Newser) - A family cleaning out a home in the Toledo, Ohio-area home of a relative who recently died stumbled across a live hand grenade from the World War II era, the AP reports. Toledo authorities say such finds are becoming more common. A police spokesman says the bomb squad retrieves old... More »

Why Police Are Maiming, Killing With 'Grenades'

Cops use flashbang grenades to stun during raids

(Newser) - Following a drug tip, nearly 20 cops stormed a small apartment outside Atlanta in 2010. Invading officers found only a little weed, but managed to seriously injure resident Treneshia Dukes with a flashbang grenade—a police device that's drawing increasing attention and controversy, Pro Publica reports. Cops often toss... More »

WWII Grenade Embeds in Wood, Makes Exciting Fire

But Austrian woman's sturdy stove saves the day

(Newser) - Austrian police investigating a grenade blast were less puzzled by the explosion and more by where it took place—inside a wood stove that appeared to contain nothing but firewood. The woman who owned the wood burner also had no clue at first. After all, she only put firewood inside.... More »

'Heroic' Soldier Pulls Grenade From Guy's Leg

Staff Sgt. David Mensink drove 200 miles to defuse the situation

(Newser) - Well, this is terrifying: An Alabama man was dismantling a grenade last Friday when the device launched into his thigh, the Washington Post reports. Paramedics were called to assist, but no one knew quite how dangerous the grenade was. Though the man first visited a Walker County hospital, he was... More »

Marine Who Saved Pal From Grenade to Get Medal of Honor

William Carpenter credited with throwing himself on blast in Afghanistan

(Newser) - A Marine credited with throwing himself on a grenade to save a buddy, suffering devastating injuries in so doing will become the third US marine of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to receive the Medal of Honor, the Marine Corps Times reports. William Kyle Carpenter, now a 24-year-old medically retired... More »

Bad Idea: Pal Mails Petraeus Fake Grenade

NYPD called in after secretary opens package

(Newser) - If David Petraeus was still running the CIA, he might call for some "enhanced interrogation techniques" to be used on a buddy who thought it would be funny to mail a fake grenade to the general's New York City office. The package was opened by the general's... More »

Cops Fish With Rockets, Kill 6 Swimming Kids

Mayor's son dead, warlord's son arrested

(Newser) - A group of Afghan policemen with more weapons than sense went fishing with rocket-propelled grenades and ended up hauling in a catch of six dead children, officials tell the New York Times . The boys, aged from 9 to 14, were killed when the cops fishing on the other side of... More »

Boy Chucks Imaginary Grenade, Gets Suspended

Alex Evans, 7, thought he was saving the planet during recess

(Newser) - The latest student to be suspended for wielding an imaginary weapon at school is a 7-year-old in Colorado. Alex Evans thought he had to save the planet during recess, so he pretended to throw a grenade at an imaginary box with something evil inside, according to the Reporter-Herald . There was... More »

Grenade Livens Up Soccer Game in Iran

Player chucks it aside, and it explodes

(Newser) - And you thought fans who threw beer were bad. A video is circulating on the Internet in which an Iranian soccer player finds a grenade (or something like it) lying on the pitch, picks it up, and then casually tosses it out of bounds—where it explodes, reports Opposing Views... More »

Grenade Blows in Inventory Check, Kills 25 Turkish Soldiers

Dropped explosive triggers massive blast

(Newser) - A routine stock check at a Turkish ammunition depot turned deadly last night, after an accidentally dropped hand grenade triggered an explosion and blaze that killed 25 soldiers. Four other soldiers were injured in the blast, which lit up the night sky with flames and shattered windows in the homes... More »

Bag of Explosives Found Under California Bridge

Backpack contained 6 grenades, and more

(Newser) - Cops in Orange County, California, are trying to find a person who left a backpack full of military-grade explosives in a drainage ditch under a highway bridge in Placentia. Local businesses were evacuated while the bomb squad destroyed the backpack—which contained six grenades along with other explosives and blasting... More »

Live Grenade Pulled From Marine's Leg

Video shows risky procedure to pull explosive from soldier

(Newser) - It's the very definition of amazing rescues: During a Taliban attack on US forces in January, Marine Lance Corporal Winder Perez was left was a daunting injury—a live explosive was wedged in his leg, reports ABC News . All four members of the medevac team that responded had to... More »

Boy Finds Live Grenade at Easter Egg Hunt

Bomb squad detonates scary 'egg'

(Newser) - Sometimes Easter's not all it's cracked up to be. Ask the parents of a 3-year-old British boy who ended up standing on a live grenade at an Easter egg hunt. "It was brown and about four inches high. It looked like an Easter egg, but it was... More »

4 Dead, 40 Hurt in Kenya Attack

Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents blamed for grenade strike

(Newser) - A grenade attack at one of the main bus stations in Kenya's capital killed at least four people and wounded 40 others today, officials said, in the latest bloodshed blamed on sympathizers of Somalia's al-Qaida-linked insurgency. Witnesses reported that people in a moving car hurled three grenades at... More »

Iranian Man Blows Off Own Leg in Thai Bombing

Bangkok rocked by series of explosions

(Newser) - An Iranian man blew his own leg off in Bangkok today, as a series of explosions rocked the Thai capital, the New York Times reports. The first blast occurred in the house the man was renting in a residential neighborhood; witnesses say three men who appeared to be foreigners ran... More »

Belgium Gunman Had Woman's Body in His Shack

Nordine Amrani was also stockpiling weapons, growing marijuana

(Newser) - The plot thickened today in the case of the grenade and shooting rampage in Liege, Belgium , when police announced that they'd found a woman's body hidden in a shack that alleged gunman Nordine Amrani was using to grow marijuana. The woman is said to be a 45-year-old who... More »

4 Dead in Belgium Grenade Attack

Assailant threw grenades, fired guns into crowd

(Newser) - At least four people are dead in Belgium after a man armed with hand grenades and guns attacked a busy intersection in Liege today; local media is reporting that 75 were wounded. Initial reports indicated that there were multiple attackers, but police now say there was just one, identifying him... More »

Man Tries to Open a Grenade...

You know how this one is going to end

(Newser) - Today, in the Brainiac Department: A man goes walking in a field in Croatia and stumbles upon a grenade left over from the Homeland War of the early '90s. What's his first thought? Scrap metal! The 53-year-old took the grenade home and attempted to break it apart in his garage... More »

Deadly Grenade Attacks Trigger New Thai Chaos

Troops warn protesters time is running out

(Newser) - The stand-off between anti-government Thai demonstrators and counter-demonstrators backed by troops in the heart of Bangkok turned bloody last night as grenade attacks killed 3 people and wounded at least 87. The grenades were launched from close to where Red Shirt anti-government protesters are entrenched, and struck an area where... More »

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