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Toshiba Throws In Nuclear Towel: Chapter 11 for Westinghouse

Challenges proved too great—and may be nuclear industry harbinger

(Newser) - More fallout from Toshiba's reported "nuclear" loss last month, this time in the form of a bankruptcy filing. In what the AP says was a "largely expected" move, Toshiba noted in a statement Wednesday that its Westinghouse nuclear unit has submitted a Chapter 11 petition to the... More »

Feds Have Collected Billions for Nonexistent Nuke Project

And that practice must end, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday

(Newser) - Ever since 1983, the Energy Department has been collecting fees paid for by Americans who use nuclear-generated electricity. The tenth-of-a-cent charge per each kilowatt-hour of electricity adds up to about $750 million a year, earmarked to pay for a program disposing of these power plants' nuclear waste. Only, uh, that... More »

Radiation May Not Kill You, but Fear of It Might

David Ropeik: Our dread of nuclear accidents exceeds the facts

(Newser) - Seems like there's a new story every week about a new radioactive leak or accident at Japan's shuttered Fukushima nuclear plant. The headlines may sound terrifying, but David Ropeik in the New York Times points out that scientists have said repeatedly that the radiation has been relatively harmless... More »

US OKs First Nuclear Reactors in 30 Years

Georgia plant gets approval to build two

(Newser) - It's a milestone for the nuclear energy industry: The feds today gave their blessing to a Georgia utility company to build two new reactors, the first such approval in 30 years, reports CNN . Southern Co. and its partners will build the reactors in Waynesboro, Ga., about 170 miles east... More »

Judge: Vermont Can't Shut Down Nuke Plant

Federal judge says only federal government can regulate nuclear safety

(Newser) - Vermont is the only state with a law allowing it to have a say over whether a nuclear plant's license should be renewed, but a federal judge has slapped down Vermont's attempt to withhold such a renewal. The judge ruled that Vermont Yankee, the state's only nuclear... More »

Nuclear-Waste Disposal Making Federal Budget Sick

Congress has spent the money set aside on other things

(Newser) - Nuclear-waste disposal isn’t just an environmental issue anymore—it’s a budgetary one. The Wall Street Journal today takes a look at the nation’s dysfunctional non-system for disposing of nuclear waste, and the story ain’t pretty. Nuclear sites are currently holding some 65,000 metric tons of... More »

Lax Nuclear Oversight Will Cost US Someday: Critics

Civil penalties by NRC plunge as industry lobbying increases

(Newser) - When corrosion thinned the pipes that circulate cooling water in Exelon Corporation's nuclear reactors outside Chicago, the company had a simple solution—it kept lowering the minimum thickness it considered safe. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission did not notice for eight years, and when it did discover the safety violation—... More »

US Launches Safety Review of All 104 Nuke Plants

As do other countries, like China

(Newser) - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is launching a comprehensive review of all 104 reactors in America. Other countries, including China, are taking similar steps as the Japan nuclear crisis unfolds. President Obama called for the review yesterday as he assured Americans that they are unlikely to face harmful radiation from the... More »

Think $100 Oil Is Bad? Here Comes $100 Uranium

American firms lag as world prepares for big crunch in supplies

(Newser) - While we’re worrying about a spike in oil prices, the rising cost of another energy source is being largely ignored: uranium. Last month, the nuclear power source reached $73 a pound, a three-year high—and in the next 10 years, it could approach its all-time high of $136 a... More »

Satellite Reveals N. Korea Nuke Building

Reactor would give country cause to enrich uranium

(Newser) - Satellite photos reveal construction at North Korea’s main atomic complex, suggesting the country is fulfilling its plans to build a light-water nuclear reactor, the AP reports. The images, from a private Washington institute, show at least two cranes and an under-construction rectangular structure, and come amid reports that work... More »

Exploding Transformer Shuts NY Nuke Plant

Indian Point blast being investigated

(Newser) - One of two units at a nuclear power plant 24 miles north of New York City was shut down after a transformer exploded last night. No one was injured and there was no danger of a radiation leak, officials at the Indian Point plant told AP . The unit will remain... More »

North Korea Claims to Have Created 'Artificial Sun'

Scientists highly skeptical

(Newser) - North Korea says it has discovered the secrets of nuclear fusion, allowing it to create an “artificial sun” able to produce untold amounts of energy—which would be quite a feat for a country that currently lacks the power to keep the lights on at night. Nuclear fusion, the... More »

We'll Ride Nuke to Mars: Russia

Space program plans elusive nuclear spaceship by 2012

(Newser) - The Russians are planning to ride a $600 million nuclear-powered spaceship to Mars, and they say they may begin construction by 2012. “It’s a very serious project, and we need to find the money,” president Dmitry Medvedev says. Small nuclear reactors and batteries have long powered satellites,... More »

Iran Balks at UN Plan on Nukes

Now wants to buy fuel, not ship uranium to Russia for enrichment

(Newser) - State TV says Iran wants to buy nuclear fuel it needs for a research reactor rather than accept the UN deal negotiated earlier this week, in which much of Iran's uranium would be shipped to Russia for further enrichment. The response will come as a disappointment to the US, Russia,... More »

Iran May Be Ready for Nuke Deal

Nation may have reached its goal

(Newser) - Iran has likely taken its nuclear program as far as it wants to and the nation may be willing to make a deal with the US and its allies this month, analysts say. The country has developed the capability to create and deliver a nuclear weapon without actually making it,... More »

US Will Give Iran 3 Months to Spill Nuke Secrets

(Newser) - The US will tell Iran next week that it must open all its nuclear sites for inspection within 3 months, turn over any related documents, and make scientists available for questions. Tehran also may be ordered to allow inspectors into its newly revealed uranium-enrichment plant within days. The revelation of... More »

US Puts UAE on Fast Track to Nuclear Power

Abu Dhabi could have electricity program by 2017

(Newser) - An Arab state may be on the fast track to developing nuclear power—with the help of the US, the Wall Street Journal reports. American experts have been jetting to Abu Dhabi in recent few months to support the UAE’s nuclear aspirations, which could be speedily realized by 2017... More »

Discovery Revives Hopes for Cold Fusion

Researcher believes limitless energy source may be on horizon

(Newser) - A new lab discovery holds promise that cold fusion could become a reality, according to a US Navy researcher. The chemist—whose report was greeted with skepticism in the scientific world—says her new process created highly energized neutrons in a reaction that could someday provide almost limitless amounts of... More »

Nations Try to Block Iran's Nuclear Supply

US, Europe think Tehran is nearly out of uranium

(Newser) - Iran is running out of uranium, and Western countries are stepping up diplomatic efforts to keep Tehran from replenishing its supply, the Times of London reports. Iran, which may be out of uranium in months, has so far pursued its nuclear ambitions with a stockpile acquired from South Africa in... More »

Oil-Rich Abu Dhabi Plans Nuke Plants

Emirates expected to sign nuclear co-operation deal with US today

(Newser) - Abu Dhabi is planning a shift away from fossil fuels despite being one of the world's major oil producers, BusinessWeek reports. The UAE territory, faced with surging demand for electricity and dwindling natural gas reserves, aims to build nuclear plants to supply a quarter of its power. A cooperation deal... More »

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