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SpaceX Cargo Ship Turned Away From ISS Landing

GPS snag has moved docking attempt to Thursday

(Newser) - Sometimes GPS leads drivers into bodies of water ; other times it keeps cargo ships from docking with the International Space Station. Reuters reports the latter happened Wednesday, with SpaceX calling off the rendezvous of its Dragon spacecraft with the ISS, saying there was a glitch with the capsule's navigational... More »

Boeing to Delay Launch of Dreamliner—Again

Machinists strike, other bugs throw more wrenches into Boeing's production

(Newser) - Wheels-up time for Boeing’s much-anticipated Dreamliner jet will likely be delayed at least another 6 months, leaving customers wondering if the aircraft will ever take to the skies, the Wall Street Journal reports. The fourth delay, attributed to the recent machinists strike, bugs in the plane’s computer software,... More »

NYC Subway Pens Excuses for Late Commuters

MTA issues notes from the underground

(Newser) - New York City's subway and bus agency issues excuses for tardiness that workers delayed by mass transit snafus can present to their frustrated bosses. The program, which will go online next year, issues 34,000 "late notes" each year, even though few commuters know that it exists, reports the... More »

3 Stories