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Boehner: I'm Not Worried About My Job

Obama says deal still a 'work in progress'

(Newser) - John Boehner today downplayed accusations that his handling of the fiscal cliff negotiations is driven by a fear of losing his position as speaker. "I'm not concerned about my job," Boehner said at a press conference, reports the Hill . "What I'm concerned about is doing... More »

As VP Debate Looms, Biden Buckles Down

Vice president preps feverishly after weak Obama performance

(Newser) - After President Obama faltered in his own debate, it falls to his gaffe-happy second-in-command to put things back on track—and Joe Biden isn't taking this one lightly, the New York Times reports. What he's doing to prepare:
  • Biden has holed himself up in a Delaware hotel to
... More »

House Passes Paul Ryan's Budget Plan

Party-line vote sets up stark contrast with Democrats

(Newser) - Republicans today pushed a $3.5 trillion budget through a divided House that showcases their plans for trimming federal deficits and contrasts sharply with how President Obama and Democrats would tackle the nation's fiscal problems. The GOP package from Paul Ryan would revamp Medicare, slice everything from food stamps... More »

Pelosi's 3 'Super' Picks: Becerra, Clyburn, Van Hollen

Panel charged with finding $1.5T in cuts is now complete

(Newser) - The "super committee" is complete: Nancy Pelosi filled in the final three positions of the 12-member panel today by picking James Clyburn of South Carolina, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, and Xavier Becerra of California, reports the Hill . Clyburn and Becerra are the top-ranking African-American and Latino lawmakers in... More »

Obama, Boehner Near 'Grand Bargain'—Maybe

Reports cite $3T deal with tax reform, entitlement changes

(Newser) - President Obama and John Boehner are reportedly back at the bargaining table, and they could be near a deal to cut the deficit and raise the debt ceiling. The rumored $3 trillion agreement between the administration and top Republicans could include entitlement changes and set plans for tax reform, reports... More »

Budget Talks Look Doomed by Unlikely Participants

Cantor, Kyl, and Pelosi crew not the most credible bunch

(Newser) - Are the White House’s budget talks already doomed? That’s the conclusion some are reaching based on who’s going, according to the Huffington Post . Both sides were invited to send up to eight appointees, but Republicans will only send two: Eric Cantor and Jon Kyl, both political pugilists... More »

Rumsfeld: I Would Have Sent Osama to Gitmo

But defense secretary wouldn't have gone to visit

(Newser) - If the US had ever come up with Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda honcho would likely have headed straight to Gitmo: “He’d probably be subjected to a military commission,” Donald Rumsfeld told CNN today. But the defense secretary says he wouldn't have visited: "No. He's not... More »

Democrats: Fine, We'll Pass Your Crummy Tax Deal

Bill to see vote this week, says House majority leader

(Newser) - Democrats haven't stopped complaining about President Obama’s tax cut deal—one House member even called it Obama's "Gettysburg"—but it looks like they’ll pass it anyway, Time reports. “We're not going to hold this thing up at the end of the day,” said Chris... More »

House Scraps 'Deem and Pass' Procedure

It will hold a standard vote on the Senate bill tomorrow

(Newser) - "Deem and pass" is heading back into legislative obscurity. House leaders today decided not to use the controversial procedure on health care reform. Instead, the chamber will hold a standard vote on the Senate health bill and another on a package of amendments, reports the Washington Post . The final... More »

Dems Plan 51-Vote Maneuver if Brown Wins

But Barney Frank says reform will be dead

(Newser) - If Scott Brown defeats Martha Coakley in Massachusetts to become the 41st Republican senator, Democrats say they can still pass health care reform. It just may be a scaled down version. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, a top House Democrat, tells Bloomberg television that Democrats are prepared to use the tactic... More »

Recession Dents Party Coffers

Fundraising unusually low for this point in the cycle

(Newser) - With recession raging and without a campaign to attract attention, donations to both political parties have fallen, reports the Washington Post. Donations to the six major party committees are off 26% from the same period 2 years ago. “People are feeling it,” an energy executive told Rep. Chris... More »

To Succeed, Obama and Congress Must Stay Tight

Dems eager to make mark after GOP domination, but priorities could shred unity

(Newser) - Democrats in Congress and Barack Obama want to move quickly once he assumes office, but they must pull in the same direction to achieve anything, Naftali Bendavid writes in the Wall Street Journal. “Pent-up energy among House Democrats” could test Obama’s centrist leanings, one observer notes, and history... More »

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