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Long-Lost Diary of Secret Jew in 16th-Century Mexico Found

Private collector spotted the manuscript, is paying to return it to National Archives

(Newser) - On Dec. 8, 1596, 48 people were burned at the stake in what Haaretz calls one of the "most dramatic" autos-da-fe the New World had seen. Among those to die was 30-year-old Luis de Carvajal the Younger, born in Spain to a family of Jewish "conversos"—forced... More »

Palestinian Toddler Killed in Blaze Blamed on Jewish Extremists

Assailants threw firebombs into West Bank homes

(Newser) - Firebombs exploded in two West Bank homes this morning, igniting a blaze that killed an 18-month-old Palestinian boy and severely wounded his 4-year-old brother and parents in what Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu quickly labeled "an act of terrorism in every respect," reports NBC News . Jewish settlers are suspected,... More »

Israel Approves New West Bank Settlement

Green light for construction comes after UN recognition of Palestine

(Newser) - Israel approved the construction of 3,000 homes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, drawing swift criticism from the Palestinians a day after their successful UN recognition bid. The Palestinians strongly condemned the announcement and repeated their refusal to start peace negotiations while building continued. With... More »

Evicted Settlers Leave West Bank Peacefully

Netanyahu promises to transplant illegal buildings

(Newser) - In stark contrast to earlier evictions, dozens of Jewish settlers ordered to leave their homes in the West Bank yesterday did so peacefully. Israel is in the process of evacuating the Ulpana outpost on the orders of its Supreme Court, which determined that five apartment blocks had been illegally built... More »

Israel Arming Settlements as Protests Loom

Settlers get tear gas, stun grenades ahead of statehood debate

(Newser) - The Israeli military, expecting widespread confrontations in the West Bank as the United Nations debates recognizing a Palestinian state, is training Jewish settlers to repel protests. Settlement security chiefs are being given tear gas and stun grenades, and the military is mapping out firing zones around settlements, according to leaked... More »

In Murders' Wake, Israel OKs New Settlements

Tensions escalate

(Newser) - A mere day after an Israeli family of five was massacred while they slept , the AP reports that Israel has approved the construction of hundreds of new homes in West Bank settlements. The homes will be built in a part of the West Bank that Israel expects to hold onto... More »

Palestinians Try Less Violent Resistance

Peaceful protests, boycott of Israeli products gain traction

(Newser) - Burnt out on both armed struggle and diplomacy, Palestinian leaders are looking to a third path: political resistance that seeks to be non-violent. The Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority's new strategy to try to end Israeli occupation includes unarmed protest marches, boycott campaigns against goods produced by Israeli settlers, and illegal tree-planting... More »

Netanyahu, Obama to Meet Tuesday

President, Israeli PM will discuss settlement dispute

(Newser) - Now that his Asia trip is postponed, President Obama will be available to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu next week to discuss recent tensions over settlement plans in East Jerusalem. The Israeli PM has already apologized for the timing of the settlement announcement, which occurred during Joe Biden’s recent visit... More »

Israel, US in Worst Crisis in 35 Years

White House presses Netanyahu to stop construction

(Newser) - The US is pressuring Israel to scrap its plans to build 1,600 new apartments in East Jerusalem, in what Israel’s ambassador to the US called “ the most serious crisis since 1975” in US-Israeli relations. The US wants the project killed, according to Israeli officials, both because East... More »

Amnesty: Israel Is Denying Palestinians Water

Report slams Israel's 'total domination' of water supplies

(Newser) - Israel is guzzling the region's water supply to keep its farmland lush and its lawns green while many Palestinians struggle to get the bare minimum for life, according to an Amnesty International report. The report accuses Israel of using its "total control" over water supplies to discriminate against Palestinians... More »

Palestine Says Hope in Obama 'Evaporated'

Abbas' Fatah Party accuses president of caving to Israel

(Newser) - The Palestinian president's political party says all hopes in the Obama administration have "evaporated," accusing the White House of caving to pressure from the pro-Israel lobby and backing off a demand to freeze Jewish settlement. Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party also accused the US of failing to set a... More »

Olmert: Stop Obsessing Over Settlements

Obama should take 'non-priority issue' off the table, writes ex-PM

(Newser) - It's fine for Barack Obama to make overtures to the Arab world, but Ehud Olmert, reminding him in a Washington Post op-ed that Israel is "the only real Middle Eastern democracy," complains that he has focused too much of his attentions on Israel's settlements in the West Bank.... More »

Israeli Settlers Defy Demolition, Blame Obama

Israel bulldozes illegal outpost after Netanyahyu's DC visit

(Newser) - Jewish settlers whose tiny outpost in the West Bank was demolished by the Israeli army—just days after Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Washington—returned hours later and started rebuilding, reports the Times of London. Netanyahu reportedly agreed to Barack Obama's demands to dismantle illegal outposts in the Palestinian territories, but... More »

Six Reasons for Netanyahu and Obama to Clash

(Newser) - Publicly there will be few fireworks when Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu meet today. But here are the issues the vastly different leaders will wrestle with behind closed doors:
  • The Two-State Solution: It’s the overwhelming international consensus, but Netanyahu insists it would compromise Israel’s security.
  • Iran’s Clock:
... More »

Israel Starts New Settlement in Palestinian Area

Netanyahu in DC as new West Bank constructions rile allies

(Newser) - Israel began construction today on a new settlement in the northern West Bank for the first time in 26 years, Haaretz reports. The move comes as PM Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Washington for his first meeting with Barack Obama, whose administration opposes the settlements. An official insisted that the new... More »

Arabs, Jews United Against Jerusalem Tram

Streetcar none desire creates common foe for city's eternally feuding people

(Newser) - Jerusalem's bitterly divided residents have finally found something they can agree on, the Wall Street Journal reports. From ultra-orthodox rabbis to the PLO, just about everybody has found cause to dislike the new tram system currently under construction. Even the city's secular mayor has questioned the wisdom of continuing the... More »

Soldiers Drag Jewish Settlers From Disputed Hebron Building

Palestinian home attacked in revenge

(Newser) - Dozens of masked Jewish settlers vandalized a Palestinian house in Hebron today, just after Israeli soldiers dragged 250 Jewish settlers out of another disputed building, Haaretz reports. The move against the settlers was the first forced eviction in the West Bank in two years. Twenty-five people were injured in the... More »

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