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Man Allegedly Cooked Ex's Dog, Served It to Her as Meal

He is arrested on animal cruelty charges

(Newser) - In one of the more demented breakup stories in a while, a man in Redding, Calif., is accused of killing, cooking, and serving his ex-girlfriend's dog to her and then telling her about it after the fact, reports the Sacramento Bee . Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh denies cooking the dog but... More »

CEO Loses His Job After Kicking Puppy

Centerplate chairman apologizes for Des Hague's conduct

(Newser) - Facing anger on social media and a petitions against his company, the CEO who was caught on video kicking a puppy has now resigned, USA Today reports. "The decision comes as a result of [Desmond] Hague's personal misconduct involving the mistreatment of an animal in his care,"... More »

CEO Caught Kicking Puppy Will Donate $100K

Des Hague of Centerplate says he's 'ashamed and deeply embarrassed'

(Newser) - The CEO of a company that provides food to sports stadiums in the US and Canada will donate $100,000 to create a fund for abused animals after he got caught on video kicking a puppy, reports CBC . Des Hague of Centerplate was captured on an elevator video repeatedly kicking... More »

Dog Walker Hit With Charges After 6 Dogs Die in Hot Car

Said pups were stolen, dumped bodies: cops

(Newser) - In May, a Canadian dog walker claimed six dogs in her care were stolen from her truck at a dog park in Vancouver—the dogs were found in a ditch a week later. CBC now reports that Emma Paulsen has been charged with dumping the dogs in the ditch herself... More »

Heroin OD Antidote Saves Drugged Kitten

DA says addict tortured cat, injected it with drug

(Newser) - A quick-thinking veterinarian saved the life of a kitten after a "depraved" man tortured it and injected it with heroin, authorities say. A Pennsylvania clinic had considered euthanizing the abused kitten, which was lethargic and suffering head trauma, but it revived after it was treated with Narcan, a drug... More »

Giraffe Killed After Head Hits Highway Bridge grisly scene eerily similar to a clip from The Hangover Part III

(Newser) - The scene may have drawn a few giggles in The Hangover Part III , but the horrific, real-life death of a giraffe on a South African highway this week has animal rights activists fuming. A witness tweeted a picture of two giraffes sticking out of a truck on a highway, with... More »

Scores of Dead Rats Found in Arizona Trailer

Jeffrey Wendorff allegedly abandoned them after business dispute

(Newser) - It was a scene whose appearance was likely rivaled only by its smell: An Arizona man is facing animal cruelty charges after Yavapai County sheriff’s deputies, acting on a tip, discovered scores of dead or dying rats in and around a trailer, Reuters reports; a pen in the trailer'... More »

Woman Jailed for Microwaving Kitten

She did so because it apparently killed her goldfish

(Newser) - A court case out of England is pretty awful on all fronts: A judge sentenced a 23-year-old woman to 14 weeks in jail because she put her kitten in the microwave as punishment, reports the BBC . The 4-month-old cat initially survived the minute-long ordeal but died what vets said was... More »

Students Busted Over Dog in Keg Stand Pic

Animal held upside down in Twitter image

(Newser) - A Twitter photo of a dog held upside-down over a beer keg has a pair of college students in Western New York facing animal cruelty charges. The young Labrador retriever, Mya, was apparently being forced to drink, officials say (though another Twitter user says the dog didn't actually have... More »

Cop Accused of Killing Girlfriend's Dog, Texting Photo

Faces animal cruelty charges in Baltimore

(Newser) - A city cop in Baltimore faces animal cruelty charges after he allegedly beat his girlfriend's 7-month-old puppy to death and then texted her a photo of it, reports the Baltimore Sun . Alec Taylor allegedly beat the dog with a mop and choked it after it defecated on the carpet.... More »

3K Birds Saved in NY Cockfight Crackdown

'Operation Angry Birds' smashes NY ring

(Newser) - Some 3,000 birds were rescued and nine felony arrests were made in a huge cockfighting crackdown that officials in New York state called "Operation Angry Birds." In a New York City raid, at least 70 NYPD officers accompanied by state troopers raided a basement cockfighting operation as... More »

Hundreds of Dying Snakes Found in 'House of Horrors'

Rodents had turned cannibal inside Calif. hoarder's home

(Newser) - A horrific find in California as China's Year of the Snake draws to a close: Santa Ana police discovered hundreds of dead and dying snakes in the home of a teacher who moonlighted as a snake breeder, reports the Los Angeles Times . The 53-year-old man was arrested on charges... More »

Trending: This Little Piggie, Who Had a Happy Life

Consumers starting to seek out pasture-raised pigs

(Newser) - A rising number of consumers are beginning to demand pork from pigs that had a tolerable life before they ended up on a plate, the New York Times finds. Big businesses including McDonald's are taking steps to improve pig welfare, including the slow phasing-out of crate-raised pork, but animal... More »

Nestle Drops Dairy Farm Over Animal Abuse

Undercover video shows sick cows stabbed, whipped

(Newser) - Top-selling frozen pizza brand DiGiorno and its cheese supplier cut ties with a Wisconsin dairy farm yesterday after an animal rights group released undercover video showing workers beating, kicking, stabbing, and whipping sick and injured cows. Wiese Brothers Farm owner Mark Wiese says that he fired two employees and assigned... More »

PETA Video Alleges Lobster Cruelty

Video shows lobsters, crabs being dismembered while still alive: PETA

(Newser) - Animal rights organization PETA is accusing a top seafood plant in Maine of killing lobsters and crabs in a painful method, violating the state’s cruelty-to-animals statute. PETA says this video was shot by an undercover investigator at Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster plant in Rockland. Newsy reports: More »

20K Rats, Snakes So Abused Rescuers Needed Counseling

Bosses charged with 106 counts of animal cruelty

(Newser) - Following what PETA is calling the biggest animal seizure in California history, rescuers were so disturbed by what they saw that they needed crisis counseling. A warehouse near Los Angeles was full of some 20,000 rats, snakes, and other reptiles who faced long-term mistreatment; many were dead and maggot-ridden,... More »

2 Horses Left to Die Survived by Eating Wood, Manure

They could see water, couldn't reach it: SPCA

(Newser) - Miami-area police got a call this weekend about some skinny-looking horses; what they found were two horses that were 200 pounds underweight and stuck in an 8-by-10-foot pen at an area ranch. The stall was boarded up, apparently to avoid notice. "It was almost like they were being nailed... More »

Man Killed, Cooked, Ate Puppy: Cops

Cooked ribs on stove, put rest in freezer for later

(Newser) - Warning: Do not read the rest of this story if you've just eaten. A Florida man has been arrested on animal cruelty charges after police say he strangled his mother's pitbull puppy to death, then cooked and consumed the remains. According to Tampa cops, Thomas Elliot Huggins, 25,... More »

Women Lived With 80 Dead Animals: Cops

Mother, two daughters in SC charged, say they meant well

(Newser) - Police in South Carolina arrived at a home to serve an eviction notice and were stopped dead in their tracks by the stench. The tenants, it turned out, had about 80 dead animals in various states of decay inside and outside the house in Laurens County, reports WSPA and WYFF... More »

Puppy Survives 4 Weeks in Impounded Car

Kia probably ate McDonald's trash, but had no water

(Newser) - A 12-week-old puppy somehow managed to survive for four of those weeks in an impounded car in Kansas City, the Kansas City Star reports. Little Kia is believed to have subsisted on McDonald's trash and cigars that were left in the Buick, which was impounded April 8 for being... More »

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