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Someone Is Burning Dogs in California

LA County offers $25K reward

(Newser) - Since July, at least seven dogs in and around Los Angeles County have been burned, likely with battery acid or another chemical—and now the county is offering a $25,000 reward for help finding the person or people behind the attacks. Two of the dogs (some of which have... More »

Neglected Horses' Hooves Were 3 Feet Long: Rescuers

Md. rescue group says horses were found in stall with manure piles 3 to 4 feet high

(Newser) - A concerned call about the welfare of someone's pet pigeons led to a disturbing discovery in a Maryland stable: three horses in such a severe state of neglect that a local rescue group was absolutely horrified. "Of the over 2,170 horses DEFHR has rescued in its 26-year... More »

Confronted by Cops, Man Swings Dog at Them

Kansas man is charged with animal cruelty after nighttime stroll takes a bad turn

(Newser) - A suspicious man was reported Sunday night wandering with his dog through people's backyards in Park City, Kansas, and responding police say he wasn't especially cooperative, KSN reports. That man was 26-year-old Michael Rush, who a responding officer says reacted by swinging the poor pup on its leash... More »

Dallas Is Struggling With Packs of Roaming Dogs

Bad pet ownership is leading to dangerous neighborhoods and a lot of dead dogs

(Newser) - Dallas has a dog problem. Packs of aggressive and starving canines roam the city's poorest neighborhoods, scaring residents and making revitalization difficult, reports the Dallas Morning News , which has been following the issue for months. Residents tell of parks where children can't play and streets where pets can'... More »

Police Dog Trapped in Hot Car for 20 Hours Dies

Texas deputy forgot to bring Belgian Malinois inside after his shift was over

(Newser) - A Texas deputy has been let go from the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department after he forgot to bring his police dog partner inside Sunday and the dog died, NBC News reports. Latham Roldan—the trainer for Jola, a Belgian Malinois, for three years—"just left the kennel"... More »

Note on Dead Dog: 'We Beat It 2 Death Lol'

Humanity is doomed

(Newser) - The beating death of a Pomeranian named Fox may have been eclipsed by the hand-written note left behind: "We beat it 2 death lol HAHAHA!" Ronald Boisvert, Fox's owner, said his 13-year-old family pet disappeared Friday afternoon when his girlfriend let him out at their Pembroke Pines... More »

Guy Who Mowed Down Ducklings Gets Year in Jail

Fla. landscaper also banned from keeping pets

(Newser) - A Florida landscaper accused of cackling as he deliberately ran over a family of ducklings with a riding mower probably isn't laughing now: He's been sentenced to a year in jail on nine counts of animal cruelty—one for each dead duckling—and on an unrelated domestic battery... More »

100 Dogs Saved From Becoming Dinner

Chinese woman forks out $1,100 at infamous Yulin festival

(Newser) - Don't like the thought of dogs being served up with lychees? Neither does Yang Xiaoyun, a 65-year-old Chinese woman who saved 100 canines from being killed and served at a dog-meat festival in southern China, AFP reports. The animal lover paid about $1,100 yesterday for the dogs in... More »

'Killing Machine' Rebuilt After 1.5K Years

Ancient elevator raised animals into the Colosseum

(Newser) - Imagine seeing wild animals roar onto the field of your favorite stadium to maul prisoners or battle gladiators. Well, that was considered entertainment in ancient Rome—and now experts have reconstructed a wooden machine like ones that once raised leopards, bears, lions, and elephants into Rome's Colosseum, the Telegraph... More »

Cops: Man Taped Dog's Muzzle Tightly Shut for Days

Because it apparently barked too much

(Newser) - A South Carolina man faces animal-cruelty charges after his young dog was found with her mouth tightly bound with electrical tape, reports the Post and Courier . Authorities think 15-month-old Caitlyn, now under the care of the Charleston Animal Society, was left like that for about two days, with her tongue... More »

Scientist: We Still Treat Baby Monkeys Cruelly

Barbara King: Behavioral experiments from the 1950s still in use

(Newser) - Back in the 1950s, psychologist Harry Harlow conducted famous experiments in which baby rhesus monkeys were taken from their mothers and observed as they "self-mutilated, rocked, and showed other signs of deep depression and anxiety," writes anthropologist Barbara King in Scientific American . Sadly, similar experiments are still taking... More »

PETA Video Denied in Sheep-Abuse Case

Australian shearers win case that turns on 'verbal cruelty'

(Newser) - Shearing sheep is one thing, activists say—and shearing them while shouting or attacking the animals is quite another. That was PETA's argument against Australian sheep shearers last year when the group revealed video shot by an undercover operative, ABC News Australia reports. But the Royal Society for the... More »

Landscaper Jailed After Mowing Down Ducklings

He killed 9 in front of a couple and young son

(Newser) - A Florida landscaper faces prison time after he mowed down a family of ducklings. Jason Falbo, 24, claims it was unintentional, but a couple and their young son who watched the scene unfold aren't buying it, and, so far, neither are police, reports the Palm Beach Post . It happened... More »

Police in China Nab 10 in Killing of Giant Panda

Raid on home turns up panda meat and pelts

(Newser) - There is now one less giant panda in the world. China Central Television reports that police have arrested 10 people suspected in the killing and dismemberment of a protected wild panda, including two brothers said to have been the ones who actually killed the animal. Acting on a tip, police... More »

Bartender's Use of Clamato Leads to Shooting

And dog may have saved owner's life

(Newser) - If a bartender messes up an order, leaving without tipping is usually the standard response. But for bar patron Monte Hanson, 59, leaving a poor tip apparently wasn't going to cut it. The AP reports that Hanson apparently became enraged at bartender and neighbor Joe Lewis after Lewis made... More »

Guy Saves Dog From Hot Car, Gets Arrested

Owner claimed it had only been in there 5 minutes

(Newser) - In Georgia, it is legal to break a window to free a child in a hot car but not a dog—as military veteran Michael Hammons found out when he was arrested after freeing a distressed small dog outside a shopping center in Athens on Saturday. Police tell the Athens ... More »

Zoo's Baby Kangaroo Stolen From Mom's Pouch

Wisc. zoo pleads for return of stolen animals

(Newser) - Baby kangaroos are supposed to be with their mothers until they're at least a year old, say worried staff at the Special Memories Zoo in Wisconsin. But a baby kangaroo was stolen right from its mother's pouch at the zoo's winter holding facility last week, and the... More »

Today's Food: Our Progeny Will Call Us Barbarians

Charles Krauthammer: Someday, this industrial slaughter will be condemned

(Newser) - The Founding Fathers, those beacons of liberty, were slaveholders. How could they have been blind to such hypocrisy? Before we get too caught up in pious condemnation, Charles Krauthammer thinks we should ponder what modern habits of our own will be seen in a similar light by future generations. "... More »

Florida Woman Allegedly Bleached Goldfish to Death

Angela Garcia allegedly poured bleach into tank after argument

(Newser) - A Florida woman was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty over the weekend after allegedly pouring bleach into her boyfriend's fish tank, killing five of his pet goldfish. The police report is based largely on what De'Andre Johnson said went down: He's the son of the... More »

Kid Who Bit Off Hamster's Head Out of Ole Miss, Frat

And Brady Eaves could face charges over spring break video

(Newser) - In the spectrum of things you shouldn't do in life let alone on video, this sort of vaults past "get naked with someone named Kardashian:" Brady Eaves is suddenly finding himself out of a fraternity and a college after video surfaced of him titled "psycho drunk... More »

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