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Adios to the Quirks of the 112th Congress

Say goodbye to this Congress' puppies, purses, and ponytails

(Newser) - As more than 80 members of the legislative branch prepare to pack up their bags and hit the road, the New York Times takes a look at some of the quirky characters and characteristics of the 112th Congress that are leaving us for good:
  • No more fluffy dogs: North Dakota
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Bloomberg to NY Guv: Stop Stalling and Name Senator

Kennedy ally slams scrutiny, says process 'out of control'

(Newser) - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pushing Gov. David Paterson to speed up his Senate appointment, the Daily News reports. “The governor should make a decision reasonably quickly because this is just getting out of control,” said the ally of Caroline Kennedy. “Everybody’s focusing on the... More »

Automaker Bankruptcy Would Be 'a Disaster': Frank

Debate rages on auto bailout

(Newser) - The CEOs of the Big Three are back on Capital Hill this morning testifying before the House Financial Services Committee, and Barney Frank at least seems sympathetic. The chairman said bankruptcy “would be a disaster,” given the current credit markets and today’s dire job report, adding that... More »

3 Stories