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Cue the Freakout: 'Coffee Rust' Hitting Hard

$1B in damages so far, as US gets in on fungus fight

(Newser) - There is a fungus among us, and this little devil is threatening to mess with your morning joe: Dubbed "coffee rust," the fungus has wrought some $1 billion in damage to the Latin American coffee industry, and as the AP reports, could drag production down by 15% to... More »

Heavy Rain Hammering Coffee Crops

Price climbs amid continued bad weather in Central America

(Newser) - As Central America is battered by downpours, the weather is taking a heavy toll on the region’s coffee growers. With the harvest about to begin, wind is knocking leaves off coffee trees, leaving unripe berries unprotected. Ripe berries are ruined by landing on soaking ground. Soon, your morning cup... More »

Starbucks: Coffee Faces Climate Risk

Farmers already hit by hurricanes, new rainfall patterns

(Newser) - Melting ice caps, unpredictable weather, and ... no more coffee? Starbucks says climate change could put your morning joe in jeopardy. Global warming creates "a potentially significant risk to our supply chain, which is the Arabica coffee bean," the company's sustainability director tells the Guardian . Coffee farmers are... More »

No 'Excellent' Coffee Blends: Consumer Reports

Testers blame pinched arabica supply for low-quality joe

(Newser) - No coffee blend available in the United States ranked “excellent” or even "very good" in this year's Consumer Reports testing. Thanks to limited supply of high-quality arabica beans from Colombia, the top ranking in the testing results out today is just “good.” Try Starbucks House Blend... More »

Coffee Shortage Percolating

Brazil likely to produce fewer beans next year

(Newser) - A smaller coffee crop in Brazil could lead to a worldwide shortage in 2009-2010, Bloomberg reports. And the news is already affecting prices: Arabica beans, the kind used by Starbucks, jumped yesterday after a Brazilian official warned of a 22% drop in output. Other countries can't make up for "... More »

5 Stories