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Lawmakers Sour on Governors Filling Senate Vacancies

Post-Blago, some push special elections

(Newser) - Soured by the taint of the Rod Blagojevich scandal on a US Senate seat, members of congressional judiciary subcommittees considered a Constitutional amendment that would fill interim vacancies in the body by election, rather than by gubernatorial appointment, the Washington Post reports. The selection by governors is “not only... More »

Packages Sent to National Guard Prove Harmless

Anti-war CDs among the contents of deliveries to facilities in 36 states

(Newser) - Suspicious packages sent to National Guard and Reserve sites in 36 states turned out to be harmless expressions of First Amendment rights, federal officials say. Though initial reports suggested they contained white power, anti-war CDs were the featured delivery, the AP reports. The FBI says the packages—some postmarked from... More »

'White Powder' Package Sent to Palin

Eighth package sent to governors

(Newser) - A package containing a suspicious white powder originating in Texas was intercepted yesterday en route to Gov. Sarah Palin's office, AP reports. Seven similar packages have been sent this week to other governors. They all contained harmless powder, but results of tests on the Alaska letter are pending. More »

3 Stories