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Germany Bans Xbox, Windows 7

But Microsoft says it doesn't have to pull products yet

(Newser) - If you live in Germany and you like Microsoft products, you may want to stock up: A court ordered today that Microsoft remove Xbox 360 and Windows 7 from shelves, after ruling that Microsoft had infringed on Motorola Mobility's patents. But nothing will be pulled yet, Microsoft says, because... More »

Your Next Cable Box: Xbox Live

Microsoft revamping service

(Newser) - The latest competition aiming to replace your cable box: Xbox Live. Microsoft is ramping up its online entertainment service starting tomorrow, allowing subscribers to watch a variety of television from their Xbox 360. In addition, rather than the tedious process of using a remote control to search for shows listed... More »

Ballmer Points Way to Keyboard-Free World

Microsoft chief shows off gear with touch, speech interface

(Newser) - In his keynote speech at the technology super-convention in Las Vegas, Steve Ballmer pointed the way to a future in which we won’t be chained to keyboards. The Microsoft chief took to the stage with a number of devices that instead use touch or sound for user interface, like... More »

Nintendo Cuts Wii to $200 in Price War With Sony

Console maker slashes price at opening of Tokyo Game Show

(Newser) - Nintendo is slashing the price of its Wii console by 20% worldwide, bringing the US price to $200—a cut announced just as Sony was beginning its presentation at the annual Tokyo Game Show. The prices of Sony's Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox were both dropped to $300 lately as the... More »

Tips for Parents of Gamers

Play with your kids; look beyond ESRB ratings

(Newser) - Video games can present a real challenge to parents—banning them from the household is too harsh, but allowing children to play without restrictions can lead to unhealthy consequences. Ars Technica compiles seven pointers:
  1. Remember that it’s like any other parenting challenge. The easiest way to discern gaming’s
... More »

Drop the Remote: Xbox Plans Motion-Sensing 3-D Camera

(Newser) - Microsoft is developing a 3-D camera for its Xbox 360 that would allow users to control games through body movements instead of a remote, the Wall Street Journal reports. Unlike the Wii, gamers would not hold any type of hardware to swing a tennis racket or the like. Insiders think... More »

Wii Are the Champions as Holiday Sales Rocket

Game sales stay strong despite recession

(Newser) - Video game sales remain strong despite the flagging economy, reports USA Today. Nintendo Wii had its biggest month ever in November, selling more than 2 million systems, twice what the company sold last November. Microsoft Xbox 360 also had a strong month with best-selling games Gears of War 2, and... More »

7 Stories