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Underwater 'Lost City' Is Something Else Entirely

Looks like mystery off of Greek island comes down to methane

(Newser) - A "lost city" discovered by snorkelers off the Greek island of Zakynthos isn't an underwater metropolis after all. "We investigated the site, which is between [6.5 to 16 feet] underwater, and found that it is actually a natural geologically occurring phenomenon," Julian Andrews, lead author... More »

Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Finally Cracked?

Norwegian scientists point to 'methane craters'

(Newser) - A new discovery has revived an old theory about ocean water gobbling up ships in the Bermuda Triangle—if, that is, the Bermuda Triangle even exists. Researchers from the Arctic University of Norway say they've spotted large craters apparently created by methane buildups off Norway's coast, Atlas Obscura... More »

NASA Wants to Send a Submarine to Saturn Moon

Kraken Mare is a liquid methane sea roughly the size of the Great Lakes

(Newser) - Saturn's moon Titan, which happens to be larger than the planet Mercury, is cold. Very cold. As in -290 degrees Fahrenheit is not out of the ordinary. These super low temps, combined with an atmosphere roughly 1.5 times as dense as Earth's, have resulted in a few... More »

Earthquakes Tied to Global-Warming Gas

Study finds huge 1945 quake released methane into atmosphere

(Newser) - When it comes to infamous greenhouse gases, methane may be scooting ahead of carbon dioxide on the list of villains. First came last week's attention-grabbing news that the release of the gas by way of thawing permafrost could cost the global economy $60 trillion. Now comes a study that... More »

In a First, Japan Turns 'Fire Ice' Into Natural Gas

Underwater methane hydrates could be a huge energy find

(Newser) - The quest to mine frozen methane has taken a big step forward—Japanese officials say their researchers have, for the first time anywhere, extracted gas from an underwater deposit of methane hydrate, reports the BBC . (Methane hydrates are also known as "fire ice," notes the Washington Post .)... More »

Energy Companies Warming Up to Burning Ice

There could be enough methane hydrate deep undersea for 100 years

(Newser) - Could flammable ice be the next big energy boom? The ice in this case is not regular H2O, of course, but methane hydrate, a frozen form of methane gas and water that occurs naturally in undersea ice. Experts think there could be more than 43,000 trillion cubic feet of... More »

Methane 'Dead Zones' Spotted in Gulf Spill

Methane release threatening Gulf food chain

(Newser) - There's a lot more than just oil spewing out of BP's busted well and that spells still more trouble for marine life, experts warn. The well is leaking vast amounts of methane and other gases, triggering the growth of microbes and creating oxygen-starved "dead zones," where fish and... More »

Will Undersea Methane Kill Us or Save Us?

It could be worse than CO2 or viable source of energy

(Newser) - If warnings about undersea methane are true, we can "kiss our winter boots goodbye," Kirsten Weir writes in Salon. In the doomsday scenario, vast stores of undersea gas deposits will melt and send heat-trapping methane into the atmosphere. But such a crisis would require a 10-to-15 degree Celsius... More »

8 Stories