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Clothes Resellers Getting Extra Picky

The resale business is booming in the recession

(Newser) - Stores that specialize in reselling trendy used clothes are doing a booming business these days—enough so that they can afford to be picky. So many people are looking to make a quick buck by thinning out their closets that even Dior and Juicy Couture can be rejected, the Wall ... More »

Filene's Basement Files for Chapter 11

Plans to sell 17 of 25 stories for $22M

(Newser) - Filene’s Basement filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today, the Wall Street Journal reports. The bargain clothing store has struggled in an “increasingly competitive discount retail market,” court papers said. The chain plans to sell 17 of 22 locations to real-estate investors Crown Acquisitions, though it will still... More »

Is Your Castoff Their Cross?

$1B in Western clothes flood poorer nations and may undercut businesses

(Newser) - When you gave away last year's clothes, you probably didn't think that poor nations would pay big bucks for them. Yet castoffs are a $1 billion business, the Spectator reports, and may be threatening African cotton growers by flooding their nascent markets. Oxfam argues that its castoffs create jobs—washers,... More »

3 Stories