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And the Alternative Oscar Goes to...

The best of the stuff Oscar overlooked this year

(Newser) - Julia and Julia may be an Oscar fave, but the folks at Esquire think Notorious, starring Jamal Woolard, did the best job of resurrecting the dead. It lists the best stuff Oscar overlooked this year:
  • Best Widow: Carey Mulligan in Brothers. Her portrayal of a widow of a US soldier
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Notorious Aims Too Small

By-the-numbers rap biopic fails to bring Biggie's world to life

(Newser) - The Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious efficiently recaps the murdered rapper's short life, but it's not a movie significant enough for one of rap's greats, say critics. Brooklyn rapper Jamal Woodard turns in a convincing performance, Chris Richards writes in the Washington Post, but he's rapping to a script that seems... More »

Rapper Gravy Gets Another Shot at Fame, This Time as BIG

Hefty entertainer to portray the far more notorious BIG

(Newser) - His debut album was shelved, but Jamal “Gravy” Woolard still has a shot a fame, the New Yorker reports. The rapper, who notoriously took a bullet in the butt outside a radio studio in 2006, killed his music career with what was widely perceived to be a publicity stunt.... More »

3 Stories