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1 in 24 Admit Falling Asleep Behind Wheel

CDC survey suggests drowsy driving is a real problem

(Newser) - A big CDC survey finds that 1 in 24 Americans admit to nodding off while driving at least once, reports AP . What's worse, officials think the number is probably higher because people often don't remember doing so. Men are more likely to fall asleep, as are those ages... More »

Get Your Priorities in Order: Sex, Then Sleep

Don't let tiredness ruin your love life

(Newser) - Research reveals that more than three-quarters of Britons want sleep more than sex, which is understandable, writes Jackie Clune in the Daily Mail. In most people's busy lives, “sex just seems like another thing on the long list of Things To Do.” But it’s important for couples... More »

Out-of-Whack Body Clocks Keep Teens Sleepy: Study

Later school start times improve sleep, decrease car accidents

(Newser) - Sleepy high-school students slumped over their desks just can’t help it, CNN reports. Most school start times play havoc with teens’ circadian rhythms: Teens naturally go to bed later than adults, and need more sleep. A new study finds pushing the high-school start time from 7:30am to 8:... More »

3 Stories