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Illinois Ends Budget Standoff, Ups Income Tax Rate 32%

It was nation's longest fiscal impasse since the '30s

(Newser) - The Illinois House voted to override Gov. Bruce Rauner's vetoes of a budget package, giving the state its first spending blueprint in more than two years and ending the nation's longest fiscal stalemate since at least the Great Depression, the AP reports. Thursday's action eases some financial... More »

Blago Gave Burris' Son Job

Facing foreclosure, Burris II gets housing gig; 'reeks of hypocrisy,' state rep charges

(Newser) - Sen. Roland Burris’ son, Roland W. Burris II, got a job with the Illinois housing authority last year, weeks after the IRS imposed a tax lien and his home entered foreclosure, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. The appointment came as his father lobbied for Barack Obama’s Senate seat, and Gov.... More »

Burris: I Never Changed My Story

(Newser) - Roland Burris denied today that an affidavit sent to the Illinois House conveyed a shift in his testimony in the Rod Blagojevich scandal, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. “There was no change,” Burris said of three statements he gave to the committee that recommended Blago's impeachment. Burris also called... More »

Blago Asked Burris for $10K in Cash

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich's camp asked Roland Burris for money before nominating him to take Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Burris revealed the request, for up to $10,000 in campaign contributions, in an affidavit dated Feb. 5—3 weeks after he was sworn in. Burris didn't mention... More »

Ill. House Impeaches Blagojevich—Yes, Again

New class of lawmakers upholds decision, with governor's sister-in-law lone dissenter

(Newser) - The Illinois House voted today for the second time in less than a week to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich, the Chicago Tribune reports. The newly sworn-in lawmakers voted 117-1 to uphold last Friday's decision, with the lone dissenting ballot cast by Chicago Democrat Deb Mell—the disgraced governor's sister-in-law. Today's... More »

Outgoing Chicago Dem Is Lone Nay in Blago Vote

Milton Patterson won't say much beyond having 'gut feeling' about proceedings

(Newser) - The one nay vote in today’s Illinois House impeachment of Rod Blagojevich was from Chicago Democrat Milton Patterson, the Chicago Tribune reports. Patterson said he wasn’t defending the disgraced governor. “I went by my own gut feeling,” he said. The lone “present” vote belonged to... More »

Ill. House Votes to Impeach Blago

114-1 vote marks first for state

(Newser) - The Illinois House wasted little time today in voting to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich, with just one representative in the 115-member chamber voting against the measure. It’s the first time in Illinois history the governor has been impeached. A Blagojevich spokesman says the governor won’t resign, which means... More »

Ill. House Panel: Impeach Blago

Body documents numerous charges against governor

(Newser) - The Illinois House panel investigating Rod Blagojevich today released a report recommending his impeachment, the Chicago Tribune reports. The 69-page draft includes a laundry list of offenses, including misuse of state funds, refusing to release federal subpoenas to the public, and the much-publicized pay-to-play allegation. The committee said the governor’... More »

Blago Crisis Grinds Illinois Gov't to a Halt

Scandal pushes 'dysfunctional state' into 'total paralysis'

(Newser) - The Rod Blagojevich crisis hasn’t just tarnished the Illinois governor’s reputation—it’s frozen the whole state government, the Chicago Tribune reports. Social programs aren’t getting funding, health care and education changes are on the shelf, and Blagojevich himself is isolated and mistrusted. "Absolutely, we're in... More »

Ill. Puts Blago Impeachment on Fast Track

Gov's access to Homeland Security info yanked

(Newser) - The Illinois House speaker is calling lawmakers back to session early for a possible impeachment vote on Rod Blagojevich next week, the Chicago Tribune reports. The move could help Democrats block Blago nominee Roland Burris from taking Barack Obama's Senate seat, reports the New York Times. Illinois House officials say... More »

Illinois House Revives Chance of Special Election

Bill returns to committee hearing scheduled for next week

(Newser) - Add this to the confusion over a certain Senate seat in Illinois: Democrats may try to hold a special election to fill it after all. One day after Rod Blagojevich surprised all by naming his own appointment, the Illinois House speaker quietly revived the possibility of holding an election by... More »

Ill. Court Nixes Motion to Declare Blagojevich Unfit

Meanwhile, lawyer complains of a lack of 'standard of proof' in impeachment proceedings

(Newser) - Illinois’ top court today rejected the state attorney general’s motion to have Rod Blagojevich declared unfit to be governor due to corruption charges against him, the Chicago Tribune reports, even as his lawyer charged that members of a state House committee looking into impeachment wouldn’t give Blagojevich a... More »

Ill. House Speaker Launches Blago Impeachment

Madigan asks feds to help make case against governor

(Newser) - The speaker of the Illinois House is starting impeachment proceedings against Rod Blagojevich, the Chicago Tribune reports. “We plan to proceed without delay,” said Mike Madigan, a longtime foe of the disgraced governor. Madigan has been considering proceedings against Blagojevich since before his recent corruption arrest, and says... More »

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