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We Shouldn't Have to Find Meaning in Work

Jobs are for money; what we need is more free time, writes Joe Keohane

(Newser) - There's a trend these days in the office environment that suggests we should be able to find a sense of fulfillment in our jobs; bosses, it seems, have reacted to studies suggesting more engaged workers mean bigger profits. And sure, it's great if we can find meaning at... More »

Clint Calls Us 'Generation Pussy'

Toughness and learning the 'secret to life'

(Newser) - "We live in more of a pussy generation now," Clint Eastwood tells Esquire upon the release of his new film Gran Torino. "Everybody's become used to saying, 'Well, how do we handle it psychologically?' " Eastwood, who grew up having to duke it out with bullies, looks... More »

2 Stories