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Don't Let This Army Captain Wear a Beard

Uniform, appearance exceptions a slippery slope to ruin

(Newser) - Following the Fort Hood shootings, top Army brass have worried about a “backlash” against Muslim soldiers. Funny, then, that the Army itself is creating the climate for backlash by eroding the uniform code with concessions to religious custom, writes Elaine Donnelly . Capt. Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi, a Sikh, was granted... More »

US Judge Busts Muslim Woman for Wearing Hijab

She's held in contempt for refusing to remove head covering

(Newser) - A Muslim woman was briefly jailed by a Georgia judge for refusing to take off her head-covering hijab in court, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The woman was arrested for contempt, and ordered held for 10 days—but was released after several hours. She had been in court with her nephew,... More »

2 Stories