Yellow Fever

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Even His Victims Are Defending This Alleged Kidnapper

Brazilian gang boss allegedly kidnapped nurses to vaccinate the poor

(Newser) - Wanted gang leader Thomaz Viera Gomez has been dubbed Brazil's very own Robin Hood, thanks to his alleged involvement in what may be one of the most unconventional kidnappings ever, reports Newsweek . That's because the two men Gomez, or "2N," is accused of kidnapping on Jan.... More »

Mosquitoes Do Not Care About Your Citronella Candles

Very few repellants actually repel the biting insect

(Newser) - It isn't just nice when mosquito repellents actually do what they claim to—it's necessary. The biting insects are one of nature's top disease vectors, spreading everything from yellow fever and dengue to Zika and malaria, and a group of scientists recently set out to test which... More »

How to Avoid World's Worst Travel Diseases

Knowing the drill will help prevent a ruined vacation ... or worse

(Newser) - Experiencing the local flavor sometimes comes at a cost—violent illness. Travel + Leisure lists ways to avoid the world's most unwelcome travel surprises:
  • Malaria: To avoid this dangerous parasite take prophylaxis before traveling—usually mefloquine or chloroquine; and wear long sleeves and a repellent containing DEET.
  • Giardiasis: A menace
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3 Stories