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10 Best Albums Of 2010

This year has been a bummer, but the music's good

(Newser) - As the first half of 2010 draws to a close, James Montgomery lists his 10 favorite albums of the year—so far—for MTV :
  • Kate Nash: “My Best Friend Is You represents Kate Nash at her most scattershot, squeaky and downright smart,” he writes. She’s made “
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NFL Inspires Preemptive Irritation

Favre? Manning? Jets and insufferable NYC media? Ugh, ugh, ugh

(Newser) - Sunday’s NFL conference championship games provide the impetus for Katie Baker to vent her preemptive irritation: No matter the result, we’re all in for two weeks of tiresome crap about something(s): Brett Favre, Brett Favre versus Peyton Manning, the New York Jets and their tiresome media and fan... More »

10 Best Albums of 2008

Infernal visions, playful funk, unflinching examinations top Rolling Stone list

(Newser) - Dear Science tops Rolling Stone's year-end best list with an album “that sounded the most like America in 2008." The top 10:
  1. TV on the Radio, Dear Science: "Infernal visions of war and economic desperation," but "amid the fear and loathing" is "defiance."
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3 Stories