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Orszag Is a Hot, Sexy Nerd

Like other 'recovering' dweebs, he's now the high school quarterback

(Newser) - Peter Orszag is possessed of a “uniquely pernicious form of roguishness” that Meghan Daum likes to call “recovering-nerd syndrome.” The White House budget director has “long been known around Washington as a ladies man,” even if you don’t believe the rumors that he dumped... More »

Ladies, Beware This New Type of Cad

He's not your average womanizer—he's much worse

(Newser) - Traditional womanizers are easy to detect, but single girls have a new species of cad to watch out for—the Homme Fatale, writes Irina Aleksander in the Observer. They are smart, gentle, short of Hollywood good looks but confident in a self-deprecating way, "deceptively vulnerable," and conniving. Such... More »

2 Stories