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It's a Very New Zealandy Kind of Driving Offense

Driver who got pulled over says he was playing the 'air bagpipes'

(Newser) - Cops in New Zealand were on the prowl for distracted drivers at a road checkpoint when one officer spotted an obvious offender. Weirdly, no phone was involved: "His fingers were going a million miles an hour," says a Dunedin cop, per . "And I'm... More »

Man's Death Blamed on His Bagpipes

Mold and fungus caused 'bagpipe lung' that eventually proved fatal

(Newser) - It sounds like a bad joke: A Liverpool man felled by his own dirty bagpipes. But this is no Monty Python skit. After seven years spent suffering from a dry cough and worsening breathlessness, the 61-year-old musician died of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), dubbed "bagpipe lung." The rare condition... More »

British Cops Put Squeeze on 'Distressing' Bagpiper

Man playing for cash on public street sees instrument confiscated for a week

(Newser) - A street musician was handcuffed, arrested and had his bagpipes confiscated for a week by police in southern England because his playing was causing “distress,” the Scottish Daily Record reports. Shaun Cartwright, an accomplished piper, says he’d enjoyed an exceptionally profitable session until the law arrived, and... More »

3 Stories