George Bernard Shaw

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The Left's Dirty 20th-Century Secret

Eugenics: once loved by British intellectual lefties

(Newser) - Liberals, it's time to confront the biggest skeleton in your political closet: eugenics. Or so argues Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian . Back in the 1930s and 40s, major figures like George Bernard Shaw and John Maynard Keynes supported eugenics, the notion that disabled and poor people should be prevented... More »

US Phrases That Annoy Brits

"Happy Holidays", and "Have a nice day," irksome Americanisms

(Newser) - Toby Harnden must live among Yanks in his job as a correspondent for the UK's Telegraph, and sometimes American phrases drive him nuts. Here are his worst offenders:
  • Happy holidays (just say Christmas, please)
  • Have a nice day (make it stop)
  • You're welcome (this one's just "Pavlovian" to him)
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2 Stories