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Your Pets Are Conspiring Against You

Dogs and cats cause 86,000 household falls each year: CDC

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people wind up in the emergency room every year after running afoul of a surprisingly common household hazard: pets. Cats are underfoot almost as much, but dogs are more than seven times more likely to cause a "pet fall" because "dogs are bigger and... More »

Man Shoots Girlfriend After Drunken Gun Foreplay

Love hurts

(Newser) - Safe sex tip of the day kids: When using guns during foreplay, make sure neither they, nor you, are loaded. A 25-year-old Washington man says he learned this lesson the hard way Saturday, when he and his girlfriend busted out a firearm after a night of hard drinking. He told... More »

Bengals' Chris Henry Dead

Injuries sustained in 'domestic dispute' prove fatal

(Newser) - Cincinnati wide receiver Chris Henry died at 6:36am this morning from injuries he sustained falling off the back of a pickup truck in what police described as a “domestic dispute.” Officers found Henry lying in the street near Interstate 85 outside of Charlotte just before noon yesterday,... More »

Gun Collector Fatally Shoots Wife, Cats, Self

'It was an accident,' Staten Island plumber tells 911

(Newser) - A New York man called 911 yesterday and admitted to shooting his wife and cat—and then shot himself in the head minutes before police arrived. "I shot my wife," John Pizon told emergency services. "Yeah, it was an accident. And I shot the cats, too.... More »

UK Dad Who Dropped TV on Girl Cleared in Her Death

Tragedy a 'parent's worst nightmare'

(Newser) - A father accidentally dropped a television on his 4-year-old daughter's head in a horrific Christmas tragedy, reports the Daily Telegraph. The North Wales father was carrying an old television to another room to make way for a new Christmas set when he tripped over his daughter, who was playing at... More »

5 Stories