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Israeli Navy Official: Next Time Could Be Worse

We'll be prepared 'as if it was a war'

(Newser) - With more aid ships on the way to Gaza , this doesn't bode well: A commander in the Israeli Navy tells the Jerusalem Post that any ships trying to break the sea blockade on the Gaza Strip can expect an aggressive response. "We boarded the ship and were attacked as... More »

Israel Captures Gaza Aid Boat

Aid will be delivered, members handed to police: navy

(Newser) - The Israeli navy today intercepted a ship delivering 60 tons of supplies from Lebanon to the Gaza Strip and said it is towing the vessel into an Israeli port. The ship left Lebanon two days ago in a bid to defy Israel's blockade of Gaza. Arab TV reporters who are... More »

Israeli Navy Rebuffs Gaza-Bound Relief Boat

Congresswoman aboard says collision was deliberate

(Newser) - An Israeli warship collided with a boat of activists defying a blockade to deliver medical supplies to war-torn Gaza today, the Journal-Constitution reports. Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who was aboard, says the "peaceful mission was thwarted by Israel's aggressiveness." An Israeli spokesman denied that the ramming was... More »

3 Stories