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Defeated Gambian Leader Agrees to Give Up Power

Crisis appears headed toward peaceful end

(Newser) - Gambia's defeated leader Yahya Jammeh announced early Saturday he has decided to relinquish power, after hours of last-ditch talks with regional leaders and the threat by a regional military force to make him leave. "I believe it is not necessary that a single drop of blood be shed,... More »

Senegalese Army Enters Gambia to Topple Ex-President

Yahya Jammeh refuses to step down in wake of losing election

(Newser) - Last month, Adama Barrow won Gambia's presidential election, ending the 22-year rule of dictator Yahya Jammeh. Barrow's inauguration was scheduled for Thursday, but Jammeh has refused to step down. And the opportunity for a peaceful resolution appears to be over. Here's what you need to know: More »

Dog Kills Son of Gambian President-Elect

Adama Barrow was unable to attend funeral due to political unrest

(Newser) - Due to political turmoil in his country, the president-elect of Gambia was unable to attend his young son's funeral, the BBC reports. Eight-year-old Habibu Barrow was bitten by a dog Sunday and died on the way to the hospital. According to SMBC News , Habibu's death led to an... More »

World's 4 Worst, Least-Known Dictators

Meet 'Europe's last dictator' and the guy with 15 wives

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un is a terrible , murderous despot , but he's not the only Dr. Evil on the block. Ozy runs through some of the equally ruthless dictators who you've likely never heard of:
  • Alexander Lukashenko: The Belarusian president Condi Rice once called "Europe's last dictator" just
... More »

US Vet Tries to Overthrow Gambian President

Papa Faal faces charges for violating the Neutrality Act

(Newser) - Papa Faal, code name "Fox," is a Gambian and US citizen, married father, ITT Tech instructor, and US veteran. And last month, he allegedly tried and failed to overthrow Gambia President Yahya Jammeh, the Daily Beast reports. Yesterday, Faal, 46, faced Neutrality Act violation charges in a Minnesota... More »

Gambian Executions Begin, Says Rights Group

9 put to death; dozens may follow: Amnesty

(Newser) - Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh alarmed human rights activists last week when he vowed to quickly execute all of the nation's prisoners on death row. Amnesty International is now worried that he's started making good on the threat, reports Voice of America . Nine inmates were killed late Thursday, the... More »

Gambia President Vows to Kill Everyone on Death Row

Human rights groups horrified at Yahya Jammeh's announcement

(Newser) - Human rights groups are condemning President Yahya Jammeh for his vow to execute every death row prisoner in Gambia next month, breaking an almost 30-year hiatus on executions in the country. "All those guilty of serious crimes and are condemned will face the full force of the law,"... More »

Gambians Get Out Their Voting Marbles

Mystic expected to win African nation's unique election

(Newser) - It's election time in the Gambia, and the west African nation's 800,000 voters are dropping their marbles. With the literacy rate under 50%, the country has adopted a unique voting system in which each voter drops a marble into one of three different colored drums representing presidential... More »

Gambian Missionaries Imprisoned for Insult

Couple called ruler 'a madman'

(Newser) - A British missionary couple has been sentenced to a year's hard labor in one of Africa's toughest prisons for calling the despotic president of Gambia "a madman" in an email, reports the Times of London. The parents of three apologized for the insult, hoping for leniency. More »

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