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How Nanodiamonds Can Boost Cancer Drugs

New research shows the particles make drugs more effective

(Newser) - Cancer treatment could get a boost thanks to nanodiamonds, small carbon-based particles whose shape is similar to diamonds. Chemotherapy drugs often become ineffective, because cancer cells spit them out of cells too quickly. But by attaching anticancer drugs to nanodiamonds, the cancer cells are thwarted because they're unable to pump... More »

Comet Might Not Have Killed Mammoths After All: Study

Peat bog analysis contradicts cometary impact theory

(Newser) - New evidence undermines the theory that the impact from a comet killed off the woolly mammoth and enough humans to end the prehistoric Clovis culture, the BBC reports. Supporters of the impact theory point to a planet-wide rash of wildfires, but while a new analysis of sediment under North American... More »

Comet Crash Created Diamonds, Death

'Nanodiamond' discovery points to species-destroying collision 13,000 years ago

(Newser) - Newly discovered microscopic diamonds suggest that a comet crashed into North America 13,000 years ago, triggering devastating floods and fires that killed 35 species and wiped out human communities, reports the Los Angeles Times. Layers of "nanodiamonds," found in a number of regions in the country, were... More »

3 Stories