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Addictive Leaf May Rob Yemen of Water

Khat consumes water, drains family resources, detractors say

(Newser) - It's no secret that Yemen loves khat—a leaf chewed to produce a mild, amphetamine-like effect. Nearly 90% of men and 25% of women indulge, and most families actually spend more on khat than food. The ramifications have been long chronicled, but Time points out a less obvious one emerging... More »

Narcotic Khat Raises Cultural Rift in US

Police worry about growing use of common African drug

(Newser) - In Africa, it’s the perfectly legal pick-me-up and social lubricant of choice, but in America, khat is an illegal narcotic—and its popularity is growing, the Los Angeles Times reports. Cities like Washington and San Diego are stepping up enforcement measures against the green leaf as growing African immigrant... More »

2 Stories