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Secrets of Ancient Rome's Amazing Concrete Revealed

Study could bring changes to modern construction

(Newser) - The ancient Romans were so skilled at making concrete that breakwaters poured more than 2,000 years ago are still doing fine. The modern stuff? Give it 50 years before it starts eroding in seawater. Now, however, scientists think they've figured out how the Romans did it—and the... More »

Halliburton Admits Skipping Test Before Well Explosion

Final mix was never tested

(Newser) - Halliburton has ‘fessed up to skipping a crucial test on the cement in the Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, the AP reports. The admission was issued late last night, after the presidential commission investigating the spill revealed that tests performed by the company had... More »

BP Well Almost Blew Up Months Earlier

Good thing they learned from their mistakes

(Newser) - BP knew its Macondo well was in trouble long before it exploded—because it was dealing with cracks in its seal way back in February. The company spent 10 days trying to seal up the holes, experiencing repeated difficulties that suggest it was using the wrong kind of cement. Cracks... More »

3 Stories