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Biggest Broke City Can Enter Bankruptcy: Judge

Stockton, Calif., allowed to pay less to bondholders

(Newser) - The biggest US city to file for bankruptcy was allowed to press ahead today despite outcry from its creditors, the Wall Street Journal reports. A federal judge approved Chapter 9 protection for Stockton, Calif., saying it "will not be able to perform its obligations to its citizens" without bankruptcy... More »

China Blasts US Debt 'Addiction'

Irate over credit downgrade, Beijing lets loose

(Newser) - If Washington thought last night's credit downgrade was a just a nightmare, it woke up this morning to the cold, hard reality of China bashing it over the head for its free-spending ways. In what the New York Times calls a sign of America's plummeting global cachet, Beijing... More »

Record $5.4B NYC Apartment Complex Lost to Creditors

Stuyvesant Town project collapses under debt

(Newser) - The record-setting sale of a New York residential property for $5.4 billion in 2006 was a deal made at the height of the boom—and it's now a casualty of the collapsed real estate market. Tishman Speyer, the property company that bought the 56-building, 11,000-unit Peter Cooper Village... More »

Line of Angry Creditors Trails Gatecrashing Salahis

Salahis dodge the bills for their fancy lifestyle

(Newser) - Tareq and Michaele Salahi are famed in capital-area circles for their fun-loving spirit, their glamorous lifestyle, and for ripping people off, interviews with law enforcement officials and some of the pair's many creditors reveal. Court records show that in case after case, the Salahis hired people or companies to chauffeur... More »

Crisis at Dubai Flagship Roils World Markets

In surprise, government takes over Dubai World; bank stocks pounded

(Newser) - A move today by the government of Dubai to take over its flagship company, Dubai World, caused ripples of panic throughout the region, and translated into a selloff in bank stocks in Europe and Asia. The government also aims to delay payments on $60 billion in debt, a request that... More »

Fed May Have Outmuscled Other Lehman Creditors

Government creditors got their cash back; private investors still struggling

(Newser) - A special court examiner investigating the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy is trying to determine whether the Fed used its clout to get its money back from the collapsed bank ahead of other creditors. The central bank and its New York branch lent Lehman $46 billion before the bankruptcy but was promptly... More »

Lenders, Not Zell, May Run Tribune Co.

(Newser) - The bankrupt Tribune Company could emerge from protection with its top creditors—and not chairman Sam Zell—in charge, the Chicago Tribune reports. Zell exerts control based on $90 million he spent to secure the option of buying 40% of the company for $500 million, and a $250 million loan.... More »

GM, Bondholders Strike Sweetened Deal

(Newser) - Trading of GM shares was briefly halted today after a committee of its bondholders accepted a sweetened version of the debt-for-equity deal, CNBC reports. The deal may not stop a GM bankruptcy, but would smooth the process. Under the deal, bondholders will go along with GM’s plan to sell... More »

Bondholders Reject GM Deal; Bankruptcy Looms

(Newser) - General Motors says not enough of its bondholders agreed to swap their debt for company stock, meaning the troubled automaker is almost certainly headed for bankruptcy protection. GM has until Monday to finish restructuring or file for bankruptcy. But the company said today that its offer to exchange $27 billion... More »

Bankruptcy 'New Lease on Life' for Chrysler: Obama

(Newser) - President Obama said today that Chrysler’s impending bankruptcy is “not a sign of weakness but one more step” towards recovery, the Washington Post reports. The 1-to-2 month “surgical” bankruptcy—a time frame met with skepticism by experts—will give the automaker a “new lease on life,... More »

Chrysler Bankruptcy Faces Bumpy Road

(Newser) - The battle to restructure Chrysler is about to go public, and could get messy, Michael de la Merced writes for the New York Times. After failing to get all the automaker’s debt-holders in line, the government prepared a “prepackaged bankruptcy,” a Chapter 11 filing with a reorganization... More »

Last-Minute Chrysler Talks Hinge on Smaller Lenders

Bankruptcy remains a possibility

(Newser) - Chrysler is still preparing for bankruptcy in case the Treasury's last-minute negotiations with hesitant creditors crumble, the Wall Street Journal reports. Most big lenders have agreed to write down part of Chrysler’s debt in exchange for stakes in the company, but smaller hedge funds also have to agree for... More »

Debt Settlers Promise Relief, Provide Little

Cash-strapped consumers claim companies charge fees without reducing debt

(Newser) - State attorneys general are being overwhelmed with complaints about “debt settlement” companies that promise consumers relief from mounting bills but rarely deliver, the New York Times reports. The number of such companies, which often collect fees of 15% of the total debt to negotiate with creditors, has tripled in... More »

Sirius Creditors Ready to Go After CEO

If company files for bankruptcy, they could ask judge to remove him

(Newser) - Sirius XM Radio's creditors want the company to make a deal with an investor rather than file for bankruptcy, and they're prepared to go after CEO Mel Karmazin's job if things don't go their way, the Wall Street Journal reports. "The board of directors should carefully consider the ramifications"... More »

Lehman Collapse Leaves Goats in the Lurch

Goat-grazing biz among the herd of creditors burned by bankruptcy

(Newser) - Lehman's collapse has left creditors from Caribbean laborers to the world's biggest banks fighting for a share of what little cash remains, the Wall Street Journal reports. One California business that hires out goats to munch shrubs was shocked to learn that it may face ruin because of the bankruptcy... More »

Calif. Budget Gap Could Mean IOUs, Not Tax Refunds

Facing $42B deficit, Schwarzenegger, state Dems continue to wrangle

(Newser) - Faced with a mounting budget gap and failed negotiations toward a solution, California may have to send out promissory notes to taxpayers owed refunds and local governments, the Los Angeles Times reports. Talks between Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic legislature foundered yesterday; lawmakers sent the governor a disputed package... More »

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