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The 33 'Blackest White Folks'

Some choices, like Glenn Beck, may be a bit tongue-in-cheek

(Newser) - Some white people “claim ‘blackness,’” and a few actually do make the cut. The Root offers a list of the 33 “blackest white folks we know”:
  • Christina Aguilera: Unlike fellow pop starlets Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, Aguilera actually has soul. She even “channeled
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Songs You Can't Escape This Summer

Unless you go everywhere wearing headphones, of course

(Newser) - Just because everyone has an iPod these days doesn’t mean you can escape the inevitable “summer jams,” writes Maura Johnston on Gawker. She selects the “seven tracks you will likely be subjected to should you decide to spend headphone-free time” anywhere:
  • No Boundaries, Kris Allen: “
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'Dork' White Rapper Finds College Niche

(Newser) - Asher Roth’s image isn’t classic hip-hop: He’s a white kid who wears sweatshirts and calls himself a “dork.” But that image, along with the breakout hit “I Love College,” has earned him a top-10 spot on iTunes and millions of MySpace streams, the... More »

Passengers Subdue Wacko Who Said He Had Bomb

Hip hop musician among heroes

(Newser) - A delusional airline passenger who claimed to have a bomb was subdued by other passengers as their Delta jet landed yesterday in Los Angeles. Among the heroes, the Los Angeles Times reports, was guitarist Chris Llewellyn, who performs with rapper Asher Roth. The 45-year-old passenger allegedly assaulted a flight attendant... More »

4 Stories