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Deputy Charged for Killing Black Man 'by Mistake'

Robert Bates faces second-degree manslaughter

(Newser) - A 73-year-old reserve deputy in Tulsa, Okla., was charged today with second-degree manslaughter for shooting an unarmed black man while arresting him, Tulsa World reports. Bob Bates says he mistakenly drew his firearm believing it was a Taser, then fired the bullet that killed Eric Harris, 44. "He made... More »

After Scott Shot Dead, Talk of 'Pumping' Adrenaline

Dashcam captured conversation between officers

(Newser) - The dashcam in Michael Slager's patrol car captured more than the now-fired officer stopping Walter Scott for a busted taillight. The Guardian reports the camera recorded for an hour following that stop, and it picked up a conversation between two officers just after the shooting. It captures a senior... More »

Cops: Deputy, 73, Shot Man Dead 'by Mistake'

Family accuses Tulsa insurance exec of being 'pay to play' cop

(Newser) - Yet another disturbing video of a police shooting has surfaced—this time involving a deputy that the victim's family say should never have been there. Reserve Deputy Bob Bates, a 73-year-old insurance executive, told police he thought he was reaching for his Taser when he shot Eric Harris in... More »

Police Video Shows Scott Running From Patrol Car

Dash cam footage doesn't capture shooting

(Newser) - South Carolina police have released dash cam video of the traffic stop that led to the fatal shooting of Walter Scott. The footage doesn't capture the actual shooting by officer Michael Slager, notes NBC News . Instead it shows a routine stop for a broken tail light—until Scott bolts... More »

Man Who Filmed SC Shooting Considered Erasing Video

But he turned it over to Scott family instead

(Newser) - The disturbing video that resulted in murder charges for a North Charleston, SC, police officer almost never saw the light of day. In an MSNBC interview, Feiden Santana says he feared for his life after taking video of Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott in the back as the 50-year-old Scott... More »

South Carolina Cop Fired After Fatal Shooting

Mayor says every officer in North Charleston will wear body cameras

(Newser) - With protests gaining steam, the city of North Charleston is trying to stay aggressive in its reaction to a white police officer's fatal shooting of an unarmed black man: Officer Michael Slager, who already has been charged with murder , has been fired from the force, the mayor said today.... More »

What the Video Shows in Cop Killing of SC Black Man

It's not clear whether Walter Scott really grabbed officer's Taser

(Newser) - A white South Carolina cop stands accused of murdering an unarmed black man: What exactly does video of the Saturday incident show?
  • Before the video begins: Officer Michael Slager, 33, says he pulled Walter Scott, 50, over because Scott's Mercedes-Benz had a broken taillight. Slager says Scott fled and
... More »

SC Cop Charged With Murder After Shooting Unarmed Man

Post and Courier: Video shows him firing 8 times as victim fled

(Newser) - A police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, is being charged with murder after a bystander's video appears to show him firing at a fleeing suspect eight times or more, reports the Post and Courier . (That story includes the video, which is graphic.) The video appears to contradict... More »

Post-Katrina Police Shooting Finally Ruled a Homicide

Previous coroner said there wasn't enough evidence

(Newser) - After almost a decade, the death of a man shot dead by police in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has been declared a homicide—a ruling that the Orleans Parish coroner stresses is "simply from a medical standpoint and simply means a death was caused by the intentional actions... More »

Lawyer: Suspect Didn't Shoot Ferguson Cops

Claims Jeffrey Williams was beaten, perhaps coerced, by police

(Newser) - Jeffrey Williams didn't intend to shoot two Ferguson police officers last Thursday, and he didn't intend to shoot protesters either, his lawyer says. In fact, "I don't think he shot anybody," defense attorney Jerryl Christmas tells the New York Times . "I clearly think that... More »

20-Year-Old Charged in Ferguson Cop Shootings

But Jeffrey Williams claims he wasn't aiming for police: prosecutor

(Newser) - The 20-year-old man charged in the shooting of two St. Louis-area officers had been at the protest outside of the Ferguson Police Department earlier that night, authorities said today. St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch says 20-year-old Jeffrey Williams told authorities he was firing at someone with whom he was... More »

Vigil Held in Ferguson as Manhunt Continues

Protesters return, but calm prevails

(Newser) - Restraint from both sides in Ferguson: Protesters returned to the streets of the city last night after the shooting of two police officers , but calm prevailed, with officers keeping their distance from demonstrators and no arrests made, the LA Times reports. The Rev. Traci D. Blackmon prayed for the injured... More »

Madison Teen's Killing Has 'Ripped Community Apart'

Protests dominate weekend after Tony Robinson's death

(Newser) - This weekend saw three days of protests and events on behalf of Tony Robinson, the unarmed black teenager killed by police in Madison, Wis. His death "has ripped this community apart," family friend Craig Spaulding tells NBC News . Indeed, passionate protests began "almost immediately" at the spot... More »

Wis. Teen Killed by Cop Was Unarmed

Police urge calm protest in death of Tony Robinson

(Newser) - Madison, Wis., saw peaceful protests yesterday in the wake of the shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson by a police officer, with both Robinson's family and police urging non-violent demonstrations and the police chief vowing to "defend, facilitate, foster those First Amendment rights of assembly and freedom of... More »

Black Teen Killed by Police in Wisconsin

Authorities say Tony Robinson assaulted officer; protests follow

(Newser) - A police officer in Madison, Wisconsin, shot to death a black teenager last night during a confrontation, prompting a protest at the scene and chants of "black lives matter." The dead youth has been identified as 19-year-old Tony Robinson, reports NBC News . The police chief gives this account... More »

Identity of Homeless Man Shot by Cops Revealed

He was Charly Keundeu Keunang, from Cameroon

(Newser) - A homeless man shot to death by police during an LA Skid Row confrontation over the weekend was identified yesterday under his true name—not the stolen identity he had used for years. Charly Keundeu Keunang, 43, was listed as being indigent and homeless, and he died from multiple gunshot... More »

Homeless Man Shot by LAPD Was Fake Frenchman

Charley Saturmin Robinet wasn't his real name

(Newser) - The homeless man fatally shot in a scuffle with police on LA's Skid Row on Sunday was identified as Charley Saturmin Robinet, a French citizen. But it turns out the real Robinet "is alive and in France," the French consul general in LA tells the Los Angeles ... More »

Cleveland Mayor: Sorry for Blaming Tamir Rice

Documents will be re-worded soon, Frank Jackson says

(Newser) - Cleveland's mayor apologized today after the city's lawyers suggested in court documents that a 12-year-old boy who had a pellet gun when he was shot by police died as a result of his own actions. Mayor Frank Jackson says the city's response to a federal lawsuit filed... More »

'Disturbing' Video Captures LAPD Skid Row Shooting

Police say man tried to grab officer's gun

(Newser) - A homeless man was shot dead after a scuffle with police on the sidewalk in the "Skid Row" area of downtown Los Angeles yesterday, allegedly after trying to grab an officer's gun. Witnesses tell CBS that when officers responding to a report of a robbery arrived at the... More »

Cops Shot at Rock-Throwing Man 17 Times: Inquiry

More details released in Pasco shooting

(Newser) - Police in Washington state are releasing more details in the controversial police killing of a Mexican orchard worker in Pasco on Feb. 10. Antonio Zambrano-Montes, 35, was allegedly throwing rocks at passing cars and then at police officers, but video of the incident appears to show him running away from... More »

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