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2013 Video of Cop Shooting Chicago Teen Finally Public

It shows carjacking suspect Cedrick Chatman shot in street

(Newser) - Video footage of a Chicago police officer fatally shooting a 17-year-old black teen has just been released—three years after the actual event. As recently as Dec. 23, city attorneys were fighting to keep the Jan. 7, 2013, footage from being made public, but the city on Wednesday reversed course.... More »

Lawyers Say Police Threatened Witnesses, Faked Statements in Teen's Shooting

'Outright lies to cover up [the] illegal shooting' of Laquan McDonald

(Newser) - Attorneys for the family of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald , who was fatally shot by a Chicago police officer in 2014, say police threatened at least three witnesses and tried to get them to change their stories to match the official account, CNN reports. They also allege police faked accounts when witnesses... More »

Man Killed by Cops Was Holding Phone, Not Gun

He had recently been convicted of multiple crimes

(Newser) - A man who was fatally shot by Las Vegas police while holding a cellphone that was mistaken for a gun had recently been convicted of multiple crimes in Arizona, his attorney said Saturday. Brad Reinhart last had contact with his client, Keith Childress Jr., 23, last month when a jury... More »

Cop Who Shot Laquan McDonald Enters Plea

Jason Van Dyke pleads not guilty to first-degree murder; next hearing is Jan. 29

(Newser) - Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke has pleaded not guilty to six counts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct in the shooting of Laquan McDonald in October 2014. Van Dyke—whose lawyers say shot the 17-year-old 16 times because he feared for his life—made his first... More »

Tamir's Family Has Strong Words for Prosecutor

They accuse Tim McGinty of 'abusing' grand jury

(Newser) - A grand jury on Monday declined to indict a white police officer in the killing of Tamir Rice, and now his family has a few words about the case. In a statement, Tamir's family says it was "saddened and disappointed by this outcome—but not surprised." It... More »

Cops Won't Face Charges in Shooting of Tamir Rice

Grand jury opts not to indict

(Newser) - A grand jury has declined to indict a rookie Cleveland police officer or his partner for their roles in the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice , a black youngster who was holding what turned out to be a pellet gun. Patrolman Timothy Loehmann fatally shot Tamir Rice seconds after a... More »

Chicago Deals With Another Controversial Police Shooting

City changes policy on officers involved in shootings

(Newser) - Chicago's police department is dealing with the fallout of another police shooting , this one leaving an innocent bystander dead along with a 19-year-old college student. It took place about 4am Saturday when police answered a disturbance call from a man who said his teenage son, home from college, was... More »

3 Puerto Rico Cops Killed by Fellow Cop: Officials

There was allegedly a fight at Ponce headquarters before shootings

(Newser) - Authorities say an argument between a cop and three of his colleagues apparently led the officer to shoot and kill all three of them Monday at police headquarters in Ponce, Puerto Rico, the AP reports. The officer, identified by Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero as 50-year-old Guarionex Candelario Rivera, allegedly... More »

Chicago Cop Fatally Shoots NIU Student, Mother of 5

Officer was responding to a domestic disturbance call

(Newser) - A Chicago police officer shot and killed two people early Saturday while responding to a domestic disturbance call on the city's West Side, police said. Quintonio Legrier, a 19-year-old college student, was pronounced dead at a hospital at 4:51am and Bettie Jones, a 55-year-old mother of five who... More »

Video: LA Deputies Shoot 'Crawling' Man

He's identified as Nicholas Robertson of Lynwood, Calif.

(Newser) - Sheriff's deputies shot a man they say had a gun but relatives are questioning the killing after video apparently showed them continuing to shoot as he crawled on the ground. The man, identified Sunday as Nicholas Robertson, 28, of Lynwood, Calif., died at the scene Saturday morning in the... More »

Sheriff: Ex-Deputy Charged in Deaths Had Prior Issues

He's charged with killing a man while on duty, as well as his neighbor

(Newser) - A former Ohio sheriff's deputy charged in two separate fatal shootings this year had problems while working as a deputy in another sheriff's office, his ex-boss said. Joel Jenkins never made it out of his probationary period while working in Fayette County during 2011 and 2012, said Sheriff... More »

FBI: We're Going to Start Counting Deaths by Cop Better

New system will list deadly encounters by gun, Taser, physical force

(Newser) - The FBI is finally on the case: The agency is revamping its data-collection system to more accurately portray how many deaths come at the hands of police officers each year, the Guardian reports, giving itself a pat on the back as part of the impetus behind the initiative. Officials say... More »

Feds to Probe Chicago Police

The Justice Department gets involved

(Newser) - The Justice Department is expected to announce this week a civil rights investigation of the Chicago Police Department similar to probes of police departments in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri. The decision to investigate was confirmed to the AP by a person familiar with the decision who wasn't authorized to... More »

Expert: Tamir Rice Had Hands in Pockets When Shot by Cop

Expert also found he was shot less than one second after cop opened his car door

(Newser) - A 12-year-old boy killed by Cleveland police last year had his hands in his pockets when he was shot and wasn't reaching for the pellet gun he was carrying, according to an expert hired by the boy's family to review a frame-by-frame video of the deadly encounter. Tamir... More »

Cop Who Shot Tamir Rice Tells His Story

'The threat ... was real and active,' says Timothy Loehmann

(Newser) - The two Cleveland police officers involved in the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice are telling their side of the story for the first time. In two statements, officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback say they were investigating a report of a "guy with a gun" in a park outside... More »

Cop Seen Checking Burger King's Laquan Footage

Source says FBI found no evidence the video was tampered with

(Newser) - Photos may back up a Burger King manager's story that Chicago police officers deleted 86 minutes of surveillance video from the night Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times. Screen grabs from a camera inside an office at the eatery show at least one officer at a computer terminal on... More »

Chicago Cop Charged in Laquan Killing Posts Bail

Jason Van Dyke pays $150K, hits the streets

(Newser) - The Chicago police officer charged with killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald has paid his $150,000 bond and walked out of jail, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. A judge set bail for officer Jason Van Dyke at $1.5 million earlier in the day. Meanwhile, authorities have released the dashcam video that... More »

Black Friday Protest Takes Over Downtown Chicago

'Let them just feel the empty cash registers'

(Newser) - Instead of shopping, thousands of demonstrators in Chicago are taking to the streets on Black Friday to protest the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by a white police officer, as well as the way the city has handled the case, Reuters reports. According to the AP , the largest group... More »

New Videos Showing Laquan McDonald Released

Like the first, they include no audio of officers

(Newser) - A disturbing dashcam video isn't the only footage authorities have from the scene of Laquan McDonald's shooting in Chicago on Oct. 20, 2014. The Chicago Tribune has acquired videos from four additional police vehicles—including the one that carried Officer Jason Van Dyke before he shot the 17-year-old... More »

The Worst Part About That Chicago Cop Video

It's just how 'mundane' it is, writes journalist whose lawsuit made it public

(Newser) - A freelance journalist whose lawsuit forced Chicago cops to release the video of Laquan McDonald being shot to death thinks the video is most shocking because of how not-shocking it seems for the officers on scene. The shooting "horrifies in its banality," writes Brandon Smith in the Guardian... More »

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