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Nursing Mom Brashly Takes On Uncooperative Hotel

Lynda Nguyen only wanted a place to pump

(Newser) - When Lynda Nguyen asked employees at Embassy Suites in San Francisco for a place to pump breast milk while attending a work conference, she says she was offered a public bathroom. "I told them they don't eat lunch in the bathroom, so it's gross to expect me... More »

Nursing Mom of Triplets Lauds Delta's First-Class Act

Flight attendants gave mom privacy and space to pump

(Newser) - Jenna Mde had to travel from Atlanta to Dallas on Friday, leaving her triplet babies behind. But because she breastfeeds, Mde still needed to pump during her flight—and that's where a Delta crew came through for her with flying colors, Today reports. Two flight attendants brought her into... More »

Delta Apologizes After Breast-Pump Kerfuffle

The airline made a mother check her breast pump

(Newser) - When nursing mother Lauren Modeen tried to board a Delta flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis on a business trip last week, she was told she'd first have to consolidate her luggage—a purse, a cooler to carry breast milk, and a standard carry-on that included her pump. Modeen protested... More »

Why Pumping Breast Milk Isn't Same as Breastfeeding

Babies fed only by bottle may miss out on some of breast milk's benefits

(Newser) - With many working moms in the US enjoying only a few weeks of maternity leave, frequent and even exclusive pumping of breast milk is on the rise. And Virginia Thorley, a lactation consultant who has been investigating the limited research available on exclusive pumping and its consequences, says that while... More »

MIT Hackathon Goal: A Better Breast Pump

Given the health benefits, change is way overdue, say organizers

(Newser) - It might not be the first thing that comes to mind after the word "hackathon," but organizers of an upcoming one at MIT say the world is long overdue for a better breast pump. Engineers, designers, moms, and health experts will gather later this month for reasons spelled... More »

TSA 'Sorry' for Making Mom Pump Breast Milk

Amy Strand, near tears, forced to pump in crowded bathroom

(Newser) - A nursing mom of four who tried to board a plane with a breast pump was forced by a TSA guard to prove the machine worked by pumping breast milk in a crowded airport bathroom. "I had to stand at the sink in my heels and dress pumping as... More »

Swedish Dad Aims to Make His Own Breast Milk

Man hopes to be able to suckle future kids; plans to pump his breasts for months

(Newser) - A Swedish father is attempting to defy convention—and millions of years of mammalian evolution—by producing his own breast milk, the Local reports. Ragnar Bengtsson, whose 2-year-old son won't be taking part in the experiment, plans to stimulate his breasts with a pump at 3-hour intervals every day... More »

It's Time to Put the Breast Pump Away

The mommy wars should be fought over leave time, not formula

(Newser) - We may have taken the "breast is best" argument too far, writes Judith Warner on her New York Times blog. The evidence for the superhuman benefits of breast milk over formula isn't so clear-cut, after all, and it's not worth it to guilt women into pumping when the real... More »

Breast May Be Best, But Pumps Get All the Attention

Companies praised for allowing women to pump ... but contact has no substitute

(Newser) - The push for regulations that give US moms a place and time to pump their breast milk overlooks a major part of the age-old breast-feeding debate, Jill Lepore writes in the New Yorker. “Is it the mother, or her milk, that matters more to the baby?” Lepore asks. High-tech... More »

9 Stories