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Dogs May Like Praise as Much as Their Treats

A small study finds that a pat on the head can go a long way

(Newser) - Scientists who've trained the first group of dogs to sit still in MRI machines so that their brain activity can be measured say they've made a striking discovery: Dogs may like to get attention as much as if not more than they like to get treats. Reporting in... More »

People Will Lose Weight for Just $20 a Month

Financial incentives boosted success rate in weight-loss study

(Newser) - Having a hard time losing weight? Cold hard cash could help. The results of a new study by the Mayo Clinic show that people did a better job of losing weight when they were paid to do so, reports Science World Report . The Mayo Clinic notes that while the finding... More »

FBI Joins Hunt for Missing Colorado Girl

$10K reward in case of girl who vanished on way to birthday party

(Newser) - The FBI has joined the case of a Colorado girl who vanished last week while walking to a friend's birthday party. Kayleah Wilson, 12, disappeared during a nine-block walk to her friend's house in Greeley, Colo. Police and FBI are now scouring the region on horseback, in all-terrain vehicles, with... More »

Smarting, Credit Card Companies Cut Rewards

That airline ticket won't be so easily obtained in recession

(Newser) - Smarting from the sour economy, many credit-card companies are cutting back on rewards programs born out of 1980s excesses, USA Today reports. The cutbacks are akin to moves made by the airline industry last year as fuel prices skyrocketed. “You’re going to see more and more of the... More »

4 Stories